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Keep Your *Beautiful* Tan Year-Round with a Drugstore Bargain

LOreal Sublime Bronze Luminous Bronzer Self-Tanning LotionSummer’s almost over. Time to face a fading fall tan and then a pale winter. Or is it? Wanna keep your beautiful glow all year? Chances are you’ve tried self-tanners before. Maybe you found one you like. Most of us — me included — have not. I’m one of those gals whose fair skin doesn’t take well to self-tanners. I end up looking like a(n even more) ridiculous version of Lindsey Lohan, all orange and streaky. Well all that’s over.

I know I’ve been on a big L’Oreal kick lately, and guess what? It ain’t over. L’Oreal recently introduced their Sublime Bronze line, and I’m in love. My pale-skinned self can’t get enough of one self-tanner in particular, Luminous Bronzer. It’s touted as a lotion, but I’d call it more of a lotion-gel…or gel-lotion…whatever. It’s pretty awesome.

With light-reflecting “micro-particles” LB instantly illuminates your skin so you can SEE where you put it on, and then it gradually develops into a NATURAL-looking glowy tan — with NO STREAKS. To keep your skin healthy, Luminous Bronzer contains alpha-hydroxy acids to keep your skin soft and smooth along with vitamin E to provide anti-oxidant benefits to your skin. Plus it has a nice, fresh scent that’s invigorating but not overwhelming. At about $10 for a generous 6.7 oz. it’s a bargain indeed.

One thing to note: Luminous Bronzer does NOT contain sunscreen. Since it DOES contain alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), it can increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun and the possibility of sunburn, so be sure to add a good layer of SPF 30 sunblock if you go outside after applying LB.

Embrace Your Softer Side

Tousled hair - NEW Tousle Me Softly hairstyling products - Herbal EssencesHerbal Essences hair products aren’t normally on my radar. I generally prefer salon brands that aren’t so heavily perfumed. But recently I had the chance to try out their new Tousle Me Softly line, and ya know what? I like it. A lot.

Tousle Me Softly claims “soft tousles that beg to be touched – not that they need to beg. And hey, since we work well together to create one luscious look, it’s almost mistake-proof!” Well, okay. Minus the exclamation, I concur.

Featuring six ways to tousle, shampoo for a tousled look, conditioner for a tousled look, mousse for easy tousling, tousling spray gel, flexible hold hairspray, and finishing touch cream is all packaged in deep pretty purple bottles and jars.

The shampoo and conditioner smell of pomegranate and wild violets. They clean and condition without stripping or weighing hair down. The mousse is nice and light as is the hairspray, and no crunchies (yay!). My hair is super short — think Halle Barry — and I really like the finishing touch cream. It adds an element of sculptability without stiffness. Best of all, Tousle Me Softly does just what it says: it leaves hair touchable, soft and shiny. Bouncy even.

So for Hollywood’s hottest summer hair looks (think Halle Berry or Taylor Swift), give Tousle Me Softly a try. You’ll be glad you did.

Botox Follow-Up: WTF

Virginia BotoxSince my last post, I’ve all of a sudden become keenly aware of the new(est) Botox TV ads. The one that’s particularly bothersome, annoying and OMG-are-you-kidding-me features Virginia Madsen smiling dumbly, hanging out at the beach with her real life son, and blathering on about Botox.

I used to respect this actress…thought she had amazing talent…and was all about aging gracefully. I’m beginning to wonder.

The clincher Ms. Madsen closes with is, “Botox. It’s all about freedom of expression.”

And that’s where I go, “WTF?!” Did she honestly say that?

I can only imagine they’re paying her loads of dough because the entire goal of Botox (which is botulin toxin…the nasty germ that gives you killer food poisoning) is to freeze your face, preventing expression. Hello! I know lots of advertising distorts the truth (Extenze?), especially in the beauty industry. But come on. Botox takes the cake. Good luck “expressing yourself” with a face full of injected poison.

Is it just me, or is this really fucked up? Discuss.

What's the Opposite of Oscar?

Heath Ledger as The JokerI  knew EVERYONE and her dawg was going to be blogging about the Academy Awards today, and for some reason I just wanted to avoid the whole thing.

To be honest with you, I haven’t enjoyed the Oscars–much less any of the other awards shows–in a few years. It seems they’ve all changed their focus from the stuff being honored to the stuff coming down the red carpet. I know, I know. As much as I’m obsessed with beauty and fashion (look at my blog for Gawd’s sake), I’m just afraid “it” has become so homogenized, vanilla, dare-I-say boring? I mean, have you visited the Oscars website? Front and center is a video embed featuring some Entertainment Tonight “correspondent” selling us the latest red-carpet story. Geez-louise.

So, here I am wondering what to post. The opposite of Oscar? But what though? Something sorta punk-rock, independent, vintage, intelligent…?

That train of thought immediately led me to London street fashion, especially in the 1970’s. Iconist images of torn clothing, brightly-colored spikey hair, highly contrasting stripes, the Union Jack, leather, plastic, safety pins.

PunkThen I remembered: every bit of London Street had been packaged and sold, too. Vivienne Westwood, Malcolm McClaren, ForbiddenLondon.com (oh really?) and the endless stream of individuals and corporations paying homage to these creative kids and their crazy duds…guess what? That homage became none other than a new fad, the latest fashion trend, packaged, homogenous. I see it even now reflected in the skinny jeans and leather jackets the young hipsters are sporting. All the way down to Heath Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker (okay, that might be a bit of a stretch but not much of one).

Westwood Fashion MontageI began to wonder: is nothing safe? Sacred? Above being bought and sold?

My answer: no. And that’s the nature of the world of beauty, fashion, and yes, even movies and Hollywood. In fact, Hollywood is one of the biggest “homage-payers,” or offenders, whichever way you want to look at it. The old saying, “everything old is new again” rings true year after year, collection after collection, movie after movie.

So what’s my point? Honestly I’m not sure if I have one, but I think my avoidance of all things-Hollywood this past year right up to Oscar is further evidence of my need for inspiration, something new and fresh. Some thing to pay homage to, if you will.

So I ask: what inspires you? Oh yes, and did your Oscar predictions win?

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