Brill-iance for Your Eyes…

The BRILLIANT Diane Brill, author, pop-icon, “It Girl,” and self-promoter extraordinaire, is also a cosmetics magnate.

Her line, not surprisingly, is geared towards an evening look, all about re-inventing yourself. I recently checked out her eye shadows and, although the shades are sultry, fabulous and rich, I found my new day-time favorite shade, Tiara Lace, that I now use every day, without fail.

Tiara Lace is that perfect, light champagne-y shade. Upon opening the pretty ‘lace embossed’ compact, the shadow appears very glittery. But upon application, you find a soft, subtle shimmer with the right amount of sparkle—it actually subtracts the look of tiredness and age! A little below your eyebrows, a dot in the inner corners of your eyes…voila, fabulous! Tiara Lace also makes an ideal highlighter–cheekbones, chin and Cupid’s bow look lovelier with just a touch. Quite remarkable. Plus, the shadow’s formulation is perfectly smooth and, better yet, NOT tested on animals.

I must congratulate Ms. Brill on another achievement. Introducing a complete line of cosmetics is an undertaking that even the most ambitious socialites do not undertake. Diane Brill has done it, and done it quite successfully!

Diane Brill Eyeshadow, aka Lingerie for Your Eyes, is much like the woman herself, warm, witty and full of the best ingredients…okay, maybe that last bit was a stretch, but you know what I mean.

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Glossifed and Glorious

I’m a lipgloss junkie…well, addict anyway. And I would be remiss if I didn’t share how great one of my favorite stand-by glosses is. It’s by a well-known purveyor…one I’m sure you’re all familiar with, but with all the amazing glosses out there, it sometimes gets pushed by the wayside, forgotten, unfairly.

Every day (well, almost), I grab my Sephora Ultra-Shine Lip Gloss in my favorite shade Golden Rose 16. I think of it like Nars Orgasm, only for my lips. It has that same great ‘perfect’ glow-y balance of pink and coral with a beautiful, but subtle, golden shimmer. And it glossifies like no other. Shiny, fabulous.

And it lasts. I’m notorious for alway having my triple latte, water (no ice) or mint herbal tea handy, so I’ve got to have staying power when it comes to my lip products. Many have tried. Tried and failed? No, tried and died. But not Sephora Ultra-Shine. It’s formula, while not too gloppy or gooey, is a powerhouse.

And with 24 amazing shades to choose from (including clear), you’re sure to find your favorite too. $15

Love Handbags? Wanna Be Famous for Designing One?

Marie Claire and Glam Media have joined forces to create a competition for aspiring handbag designers. Starting today aspiring designers can submit their handbag sketches on, where the fashion community will vote for their favorites.

The lucky winner will receive a trip to New York, a one-night stay at a posh New York hotel, and the MOST EXCITING part of all is that she (or he) will be a Marie Claire “accessories editor for a day.” Additionally, the final eight (8) bags will be auctioned off on with all the proceeds going to charity.

To enter, simply submit your handbag design. From there, Marie Claire and readers will vote online for their favorite handbags each week, and the top eight finalists will have the opportunity to create the handbag they’ve sketched. Our panel of judges will then pick the top handbag, and the winner will be flown to New York to be a guest accessories editor at Marie Claire for the day. After the competition, the final eight bags will be auctioned for charity on eBay. Enter Now and Be Discovered!

A Foundation for An Improved You

I recently had the good fortune to try a new foundation from a line I was not familiar with. The line? L.A. Colors, a division of Beauty 21. who create makeup “to target the diverse beauty needs of women of every demographic at an affordable price.” The foundation? Mystic Foundation, which claims “natural looking coverage and a creamy formula that evens out skin tone and improves skin texture.”

I have long been a fan of cream foundations. Unlike liquid foundations that tend to be tricky to apply, difficult to blend and can rub off after a few short hours of wear, cream foundations tend to solve those challenges and still give a nice, natural finish, usually with better coverage.

You will be pleased to know that my experience with L.A. Colors Mystic Foundation was a fantastic one! It has a smooth, creamy and dense consistency–I liken it to Becca’s stick foundation, but with a creamier texture and less ‘drag’. However, unlike many stick or cream-style foundations, Mystic Foundation does not turn powdery and it does not get cakey, a big plus, especially if you set your makeup with a dusting of powder, which I definitely do.

Mystic Foundation offers superior blendability. I rubbed the stick across my forehead, cheeks, chin and then rubbed a little extra around my eyes and nose (the areas where I tend to need a more coverage), blended quickly with my foundation brush and I was, in essence, done. A few blemishes were still barely visible, so I grabbed my concealer brush and found that Mystic Foundation covered them quickly, completely and still looked very natural.

The coverage is medium to medium-to-full, and easily blended. I found the finished look especially natural if a foundation brush is used (I know, I know…enough with the ‘natural’ already!). It totally gave my skin a smooth tone and texture; my husband even said that my face looked especially healthy and clear (wow!). Also, coverage can be built up, so in effect, Mystic Foundation may be used effectively both as foundation and as concealer.

The color and pigmentation are superior (the color I am using is called Nude—my skin tone is fair with some freckles and red spots). With nine shades available to match almost all skin tones, you are sure to find one that will give you ‘perfect skin,’ too.

Another HUGE plus: Wear is superb. Example? After one hour of rigorous tennis and marathon shopping trip, I found that Mystic Foundation still looked perfectly fresh and even.

One note for those who are fragrance sensitive: Mystic Foundation contains fragrance but not so much so to be overpowering; in fact, I found the fragrance quite nice; it’s soft and minimal (reminiscent of baby powder mixed with almond).

Overall, L.A. Colors Mystic Foundation is one of the best foundations I’ve used. And at $6, it is a complete steal!

I Cheated…

Yes, that is right. I admit it. Me, a typically-loyal Leo. What did I do, you ask? Well, I have been using (and loving) Blinc’s Kiss Me Mascara, almost exclusively for the past two years…and not much else has touched my finicky lashes (except of course warm water and my finger tips–gotta remove the stuff before beddie-bye time).

Only…well. Kiss Me doesn’t quite give me those lovely, flirty, curly lashes that I wish for somedays.

So, for some reason, today I broke out a tube of purple irridescent snakeskin-wrapped mascara that I got a couple of weeks ago…as a gift. At the time, I was like, “oh, thank you. is that mascara? oh, it sure it. how ’bout that?” all the while thinking, “by the looks of it, this must be the stuff that those guys from Poison and Motley Crue used in the ’80s.”

I took a closer look. tarte mascara Lights, Camera, Lashes!. Well, aside from one single not-so-great experience with a Tarte eyeliner (my eyes are soooo sensitive), I LOVE anything and everything by Tarte. And, I must admit, I was intrigued by this mascara in it’s decidely ‘fashion-forward’ package.

Plus, the brush is completely different from any I’ve seen. It’s got a point-y end with spikes all around. Again, a little intimidating, foreign to my Kiss-Me-only lashes.

Oh what the heck. It’s just mascara, right? So I dove in. And much to my surprise, after applying two, three, four coats, my eyelashes looked lovely…flirty…curly. Precious! Not at all “Bret Michaels” (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but for me…um, no.)

Yes!!! I’ve discovered THE mascara. That one that gives you what I call “wedding lashes.” Pretty, fringey…with the perfect curl, coverage, density…need I go on? I didn’t think so. tarte mascara Lights, Camera, Lashes! $18

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