B Fabulous

Do you believe in magic? Do you like moldable, highly textured hair styles? Well, I found just the ‘stuff’ for you. B Tenacious Design Fix is the ‘stuff.’

Brand new from Benniefactor, B Tenacious is a creamy-spongey (to create texture, the product must have a weird texture) mint-colored opaque pomade that smells of cucumbers and daisies…well, that’s what is smells like to me, and yes, it smells really good.

Benniefactor’s B Tenacious is available in salons only, so visit their website to find out where you can B Fabulous and obtain some B Tenacious…and B Beautiful.

Tips to remember when using B Tenacious are #1) start with just a little bit or you could end up with a bit of a mess–B Tenacious can weigh your hair down especially if it’s fine in texture, #2) apply B Tenacious to dry hair so you can judge exactly how much you need and just where you want to put it, and #3) have fun!

image courtesy of Benniefactor. Special thanks to Nicole for the sample.

M'Eye Goodness 24/7

If you’re an eyeliner goddess (like me), you gotta check out Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils. Available in array of brilliant colors, from Bourbon, a rich brown, to Dime (just guess what color Dime is? And yes, they have a black one. it’s called Zero), Glide-On Pencils do just what they say: they glide right on, soft, smooth and utterly buttery. Oh no, I think. As beautiful as the colors are, the soft formula is going to end up melting under the pressure and end up all under my eyes.

But NO…the Urban Decay magic happens. After about 30 minutes, these amazing eyeliners ‘dry down’ to a budge-proof–and waterproof–finish. Truly a wonder of the eyelining world, UD’s 24/7 Glide-On Pencils are clearly innovative and a complete no-brainer…at least in my mind. $15

Britney on American Eyedoll!

Another shameless plug for my fabulous spouse’s talents! Rock the vote.

What is it?
A parody/satire of America’s favorite reality tv show, ‘American Idol’.

How does it work?
You create a short animated parody/satire of the ‘American Idol’ contestants using your own original song parody or using one of our 26 downloadable song parodies produced by AniBOOM for the contest. Other registered users then vote on your movie by assigning it from one to five bombs, five being the highest score.

What does the winner get?
The winner has their choice of two kick-ass prizes:
• An all expense paid trip to LA to meet with a Hollywood Agent
• A production deal with AniBOOM for your own webseries – you bring the talent, we provide the budget and distribution.

GirlPaint's Beautybar Updated

Hola! GirlPaint has updated the Fab Feeds on our ToolBar, aka Beautybar, so if you haven’t downloaded it yet, what’s the delay?! Get on it, Girl.

Featured GirlPaint Beautybar Feeds include…

  • The Beauty Read at the Beauty Blog Network where Elke shares the best from THE Network
  • Ageless in Los Angeles features one of the great beauty goddesses of our era, Madonna, and her decision to bare all on Nip/Tuck
  • Beautiful shoes by tashkent over at a wee bit skint.
  • Ms. New Beauty dishes about her not-so-great experience at Shecky’s Girls Night Out
  • Apples2apple Blog revisits the stone age…of bathtubs. Alls I can say is, “Yo quiero!”
  • Faking Good Breeding ponders, “Are Expensive Makeup Brushes Worth It?” I can answer that one…yes, some of them
  • Does Cargo’s Pursegloss measure up? Find out. Beautynomics weighs the pluses and minuses
  • Eyeshadow Government gives a nod to Britney and rehabs her own hair with Redken’s All Soft Heavy Cream
  • Beauty Dish invites you to add yourself to the Beauty Dish Map…how fun! Now I know where all ya’ll live (or at least where you admit to living)
  • Who’s the Hottie, and Not-So-Hottie, of the day? Check out Celeb Gossp Junkie for the answer–NEW LOOK ALERT! Ceceladybug recently modernized the look of Celeb Gossip Junkie; GirlPaint likey!

So, there’s lots to do and see and download and install! So get busy and for that extra touch of Girl, don’t forget to add the GirlPaint Beautybar to your browser.

Lipgloss and Eye Shadow that I LOVE: Urban Decay!

I cannot tell you how good I’ve looked over the past couple of days…well, yes, I can. I’ve looked GOOD. And it’s due to two amazing NEW goodies from Urban Decay. Yes, I said, “Urban Decay. ” Perhaps a misnomer these days because their latest offerings are truly beautiful, fresh and fabulous. I’d say that they’re miles away from “urban” and “decay.”

Urban Decay Ultraglide in Heavy is that perfect shade of lipgloss that I was searching for. Why? Well, so many reasons. But let’s boil it down. First, the color (isn’t that the main reason we love most of our favorite cosmetics?). Heavy is that wonderful, neutral brownish rose color that compliments EVERYONE’s coloring. It’s THE perfect daytime color. Next, the formulation. Urban Decay has developed a gloss–Ultraglide–that has staying power, sexy shine and moisture…in a texture that’s not too gloppy, not too thin. And, flavor. The perfect simple sugary sweetness that’s not too sweet. Finally, product delivery. A generously sized, yet super-slim tube with that angled application method that delivers the just-right amount. Just perfect. $17

Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow. This divine collection of high-tech creamy powder eye color will turn your eyes into opulent works of art. Why “Deluxe”? Definitely incomparable, the creamy formula feels like cashmere, blends beautifully, and delivers an even more intense burst of color than the regular Urban Decay eye shadows. And, Deluxe hues have an even greater fill weight than regular ‘ol eye shadows – a generous serving.

And have you ever seen a more beautiful collection of compacts…ever? Even if the contents were only so-so –which they definitely are NOT, they’re amazing…I believe I said incomparable!–they would be worth purchasing for the little works of art that they come packaged inside. We have to remember the whole reason we paint ourselves…art. And Urban Decay has rediscovered not only the fine art of creating fine cosmetics, but also the lost art of packaging them in the loveliest compacts I’ve seen in years. A friggin’ bargain at $17 each. I couldn’t resist the newest shades: Ransom, electric purple-blue; Scratch, romantic Champagne rose; Shag, medium shimmery gold; and my favorite, Underground, a deep fawn brown.

Say Goodbye to Dry Skin Forever

I discovered another ‘shielding lotion‘ and I must say I’m really impressed. Gloves in a Bottle, designed for those with extra-dry skin who HATE lotion, is nothing short of amazing.

Recommended by literally hundreds of dermatologists and touted by numerous hospitals, universities and the City of Los Angeles (hello! L.A. knows good skin. Am I right?!), Gloves is a Bottle is light, scent-free and absorbed quickly with no trace of tackiness or greasiness.

“Until now, all one could do to alleviate a dry skin condition was apply conventional lotions (artificial moisture). These are designed to just temporarily mask dry skin by placing artificial moisture over the top of it.

Unlike artificial moisturizers, Gloves In A Bottle is a shielding lotion that bonds with the outermost layer of skin cells to turn it into what works like an invisible pair of gloves.

These “invisible gloves” prevent dry skin by helping to keep moisture-robbing irritants out while better retaining your skin’s own natural moisture, resulting in skin that is far better hydrated, over the long term, than what can ever be achieved by conventional lotions.”

I really cannot say enough about such a great product–the list of ingredients does not reveal a magic cure…it’s formulation, plain and simple. So instead of saying more, I’ll just say this, “it works…really, really well. ” I mean, my husband even likes it…and that, My Lovlies, is saying something! And at $12.95 for 8 oz., Gloves in a Bottle is a tremendous value. Okay, enough said.

A very special ‘thank you’ to Pete for the samples.

You Can Stop "Normal" Aging | PARADE Magazine

You Can Stop “Normal” Aging | PARADE Magazine

According to Dr. Henry S. Lodge, we actually have a great deal of control on the aging process, and can essentially reverse it…or at least keep it at bay.

“Most aging is just the dry rot we program into our cells by sedentary living, junk food and stress. Yes, we do have to get old, and ultimately we do have to die. But our bodies are designed to age slowly and remarkably well. Most of what we see and fear is decay, and decay is only one choice. Growth is the other…

…This whole system evolved over billions of years out in nature, where all animals face two great cellular challenges: The first is to grow strong, fast and fit in the spring, when food abounds and there are calories to fuel hungry muscles, bones and brains. The second is to decay as fast as possible in the winter, when calories disappear and surviving starvation is the key to life. You would think that food is the controlling signal for this, but it’s not. Motion controls your system.”

Wow, is it really that simple? Just imagine: exercise, eating healthy foods and building and maintaining relationships…hmmm. Tennis anyone? C’mon, it’ll make us younger!

Dr. Henry S. Lodge is on the faculty of Columbia Medical School and is co-author of “Younger Next Year”

Pop to Front of the Beauty Line

Over the weekend, I popped open some new products and popped them onto my face and guess what? My face simply popped with healthy color!

Okay, enough with the popping, I know. So what did get?

Pop Beauty Cheeky in Sunset is a lovely, new ultra-micromilled cheek duo designed to give your cheeks a healthy pop (sorry, I just had to) of color. Sunset contains a peachy-pink color that rivals the great Francoise Nars ‘Orgasm’–now, it’s not exactly the same, mind you, but it sure is close. The other color is a true pink, again with a touch of golden shimmer, that gives you what I call “sweet cheeks,” which just means you look like your glowing…ahhhh, how sweet! Pop Beauty calls Sunset a combination of ‘powders’ and that these special powders contain hydrators to treat and condition the skin. Bonus! And hello, only $18? Extra bonus!

I also tried Pop Beauty’s new Pop-up Glow in Sunny, which is a sheer, shimmery yellow-gold. Pop-Up Glow has to be the most perfect highlighter I’ve tried yet (and believe you, me, I’ve tried many, many highlighters)–soft color and shimmer with a pore-minimizing formula that also reduces redness. The cream-to-powder formula is flexible, so you can rub the stick directly on your face and then blend with your fingertips for a stronger look, or you can rub the stick with your finger and then apply to your face–brow bones, high on the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, on the round of the chin and on the ‘bow’ of the upper lip–for a softer look. The texture and color of Sunny makes a really great eye shadow base, too. Oh, I almost forgot the scent…it smells just like a watermelon Jolly Rancher! YUMMMY…and only $19.

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