My Sister's Coming to Visit!

My sister, the PhD candidate in Physical Chemistry (don’t ask ‘cuz I can’t tell ya) at Baylor, is coming to visit this weekend so I plan on putting together a little care package with some of my favorite makeup and skincare goodies for her to play with in her spare time (right).

tarte fRxtion lip scuff & balm. This double-sided lip balm stick with built-in flip-up mirror exfoliates your lips with the power of sugar..mmmm, sweet.. and then the vitamin E-enriched balm softens and smoothes your lips.

Alison Raffaele Tinted Moisturizer, Natural With vitamins a, c and e and green tea, Alison Raffaele’s tinted moisturizer softens, protects and firms your skin naturally with aloe and seaweed. Plus it provides safe, mineral-based broad spectrum sun protection with the addition of both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Oil-free and fragrance-free, my sister the chemist (and triathlete) will love it!

Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier Pencil in Victoria Falls, a soft easy-to-apply definer, will highlight her chocolate brown eyes without being too harsh or heavy. Plus her coloring is similar to Brittany Murphy’s and look how beautiful Victoria Falls looks on her ….

supersmile Whitening Fluoride Mouthwash Packets My sis is a Virgo, who are notorious for carrying their toothbrushes around in their back pockets. Well, as busy as she is–and as much coffee as she’s consuming these days to get through classes and lab-time, it might be nice to just pop a packet of supersmile’s Mouthwash in her back pocket instead. You just mix the packet with water and rinse. Et voila! Beautiful, whiter smile and clean, fresh breath…and she’s ready for her academic presentations.

Nyakio Perfume Oil is a clean, beautiful and ultra-long-lasting fragrance oil. This low-maintenance perfume is is derived from fresh coconut, sandalwood, apricot, and amber accented by a light musk. The moisturizing formula, containing no alcohol, includes Vitamin E and Grape Seed Oil. Beautiful and healthy!

Korres Natural Products Milk Proteins 3 in 1 Cleansing, Toning and Eye Make-up Removing Emulsion is the ultimate time-saver. Moisturizing, cleansing, toning and makeup remover all in one. Plus the added benefits of Korres’ generations of experience in formulating gentle and effective pharmacological products. Milk proteins, rich in lactose and essential amino acids, offer nourishing properties and form a hydrating film on the skin by bonding with water molecules–perfect for a chemist, molecules and bonding.

Academy Awards Coverage

Anonymous commented that I had posted last years red carpet photos of both Keira Knightley and Nicole Kidman. Apparently Ms. Knightley didn’t attend this year, even though Pirates of the Caribbean 12 was nominated for…well, for something; as a result, her photo has been removed. The photo of Ms. Kidman has been updated (I decided to leave ’06–I think you’ll see why). Thanks so much, Anonymous. You’ve been a big help.

Helen Mirren is THE winner. She looks amazing–hair, makeup, earrings, dress–all amazing. Well, heck, she just is amazing. Ms. Mirren embodies true royalty. Congratulations, Helen.

Oops, she did it again. Or maybe Cameron was actually trying to look like she’s ready for Prom…in 1986.

Yikes!! Anne Hathaway’s eyeliner is terribly heavy…and terribly scary! And her dress and jewelry are just plain terrible. Now, I know she’s busy with college classes, but come on…there’s just no excuse for this.

Kirsten Dunst? Is that you? Oh I guess it is.

Kirsten’s foundation is too heavy (or maybe just the wrong color) and her lipstick is too dark, and too cool of a color, plus her highlights are also too heavy–all of this results in Kirsten looking much older than she is. Nuh-uh…don’t do this again, Kirsten. You’re way too young to look this old. It’s just tooo….tooo….anyway. Let’s move on.

Someone deemed Jennifer Lopez one of the ‘best dressed’ this year at Oscar; however, I have to disagree. The dress makes her look pregnant. If she is pregnant, then GREAT…congrats! But if not, then the choice of this dress is just bad, bad, bad. Plus, her makeup is dated–heavy lipliner, too much eye shadow and streaky blush work against her natural beauty. Plus her hair is over-done. It looks like her hairdresser ran out of time.

Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce…why are her dresses always too long? I just don’t get this. Does she not have fittings before she goes to the Oscars (or the Grammys, for that matter)? If the extra length is intentional, would someone please tell her it’s not working? It makes her look shorter. And this white dress, while lovely, is not suited to her body. But as always, Beyonce’s hair is gorgeous, and her makeup is quite tasteful and very pretty.

Cate Blanchett displays another winning look. The metallic dress she’s wearing is dramatic and perfectly offsets her precise grey eyeliner. The rest of her makeup and her hair are subtle and understated. Lovely!

Although her makeup is very nice, Jodie Foster missed the mark with her choice of dress and hairstyle. The dress is ill fit, though the color certainly works (it matches her eyes perfectly!). The hair is just too casual and a little ‘soccer mom’ blah.

Even though she didn’t take home Oscar, Penelope Cruz is a winner with this look. Perfectly ba

lanced makeup, hair, jewelry and dress. And not at all boring, just beautiful.

Rachel Wiesz is stunning. Her hair, while mussy, looks completely appropriate with her very tailored makeup–lovely deep wine shade of lipstick! Her necklace compliments her dress.

Nicole looks fine (in 2006…on the left). Pretty, simple, classic. I am actually very surprised that she’s not wearing a necklace (what’s up with that?), but her makeup is really pretty and fresh. Frankly, Nicole’s haircolor is too light and is beginning to look like the same color as her skin, which is beginning to make her look old.

Judging by the 2007 photo (on the right…in RED), she’s had a rough year. Her makeup is exactly the SAME, but she has clearly lost some weight and had her lips done. The dress is pretty, though.

Jessica pulls off another winning look. Her makeup and hair are subtle and naturally beautiful, offset by her dramatic fuscia dress. Wow.

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Beverly Hills…more than just Oscar-Worthy Actors & Actresses

Some of the most beautiful people in the world come from and live in Beverly Hills. You and I might not come from or live in Beverly Hills, but we can reap some of the benefits that come from Beverly Hills. I was lucky to discover a fabulous new product, Skin MD Natural, created and manufactured in Beverly Hills, that helps create and maintain these world-class Beverly Hills beauties. Great news, it’s clean and non-invasive!

“When 21st Century Formulations, the producers of Skin MD Natural, had perfected their new revolutionary development in skin care, none of the descriptions of existing products seemed to fit. A new definition was needed to accurately describe what their brainchild actually accomplished. That function of their creation was shielding our skin from the many toxic materials that it is exposed to in our ordinary everyday lives as well as preventing dehydration. The new category of skin care was therefore called a ‘Shielding Lotion’.”

What is a ‘shielding lotion,’ you ask? According to dermatologist Dr. Brian Zogg, “A shielding lotion is a lotion that forms a protective barrier on the skin and keeps out irritants and chemicals. It also allows the natural oils and moisture to remain in the skin so it can heal better.” Sounds pretty simple. And guess what? It is. You can use Skin MD Natural on your face, hands and body. It’s that light and clean.

How does it work? Like this:

Skin MD Natural‘s ‘thin’ formula feels a little watery upon application. It sits on the surface of the skin for a moment before it soaks in. And once it does soak in, there is nothing you feel on the surface of you skin except VERY smooth skin. Powdery, silky smooth.

GirlPaint bonus alert: The past several nights, I have mixed a little Skin MD Natural into my regular facial treatments before bedtime. As a result, I have discovered two additional benefits of Skin MD Natural (yes, aside from the ‘shielding’ and protective ones already touted by the manufacturer). Skin MD Natural 1) stretches the life of any facial products I add it to, and therefore saves me money, and 2) seems to enhance the delivery of the active ingredients in my facial products–my skin has felt softer and looked smoother and brighter since I’ve started using Skin MD Natural. $25 for 4 oz.

Special thanks to Pete for the samples.

Winter Beauty Tips from around the Blogosphere

It’s the middle of Febrary and we’re in the midst of winter. Don’t let your guard down and give in to the cold, blustery days and long nights. Happiness is cruising the blogs and there is beauty to be found in winter, and here are some of the best tips from around the web to get you through to March 21st.

Your Handmade Natural Beauty Representative encourages you to enjoy winter with tips to keep your skin and hair beautiful.

The Daily Obsession reminds us not to forget our feet with a review of Olay Thermal Pedicure.

Apples2apple shows us how to capture spring in a beautiful bag.

The Beauty Brains explains what causes dark undereye circles and what you can do to battle them.

Faking Good Breeding looks forward to spring with a rundown on some beautiful shoes. Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! Yea, shoes!

Bon Bons in the Bath pays special attention to hands and reviews Carol’s Daughter Lemon Ginger Mint Manicure

Style It tells us a little bit about Too Faced Eye Shadow Liquifier and exclaims, “It’s Magic.”

Dorit Baxter New York Day Spa reminds us to “moisturize lavishly” to keep winter skin at bay.

Blogfabulous advises to get out and help others…now that’s beautiful!

Hair Medicine from THE Hair Doctor

I received a package of SudzzFX goodies in the mail today, and guess where they came from? Right here in Santa Fe. From none other than the Santa Fe Salon’s and International Creative Director of SudzzFX, Dwight Miller. Among his many achievements (many, many achievements), Mr. Miller is responsible for creating some of the best lines in hairdo history, including John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde, Vidal Sassoon and System Biolage. Add another winner to his resume: SudzzFX.

So, I must say after my weekend in the California sun, my hair needed an assist. So here was SudzzFX’s Zenyth Frizz Eliminator. Unlike most other silicone-based shine boosters, Zenyth has a much thinner texture and includes health enhancing ingredients like extracts of asparagus (?!) and sandalwood and is packed with amino acids. A drop or two of Zenyth and my hair was instantly smoother, silkier and much shinier.

I’ve tried a number of brilliance enhancers and most have disappointed. Most left my hair greasy-looking and weighed down. With Zenyth, I couldn’t be happier to report the exact opposite it true. The beautiful, light texture stays true from bottle to application to long-wearing loveliness.

My locks thank you, Doctor Dwight!

Two Days in the Surf and Sun…and My Lips are Perfect!

I get chapped lips at the drop of a hat, but I must say I’m amazed that I spent 8 hours on airplanes and several hours at the beach over the past couple of days and because of Tarte Inside Out Vitamin Lip Gloss, my lips remained perfect through my entire trip.

The texture of Inside Out is thick, so if you find heavy glosses unpleasant, this one might not be for you. However, even though it is thick, Inside Out is very smooth. Plus it smells wonderful, sort of citrus-y and not too sweet, like fresh pomegranates.

I kept a nice, thick layer of ultra-long lasting and comfortably soothing Inside Out Lip Gloss in either OM (a light, neutral, almost-clear gloss with silver-white shimmer, top picture) or Apple-A-Day (a very sheer, rosy pink with also with a subtle shimmer, bottom picture) on my lips at all times. And it paid off. My lips are actually healthier than when I left home, even with all the time on airplanes (can you believe we had to change planes in Salt Lake City to get to Los Angeles from Albuquerque?!) and at the beach. Fabulous, simply fabulous. Another winner from Tarte.

Special Bonus Alert: Inside each Tarte Inside Out Vitamin Lip Gloss is a single serving of BORBA’s specially formulated vitamin cocktail powder. You just mix with a glass of water and sip your way to a more beautiful you. So, while Tarte’s shimmery gloss beautifies you on the outside, BORBA’s nutraceutical blend beautifies you on the inside. Inside Out includes natural ingredients from BORBA’s Age Defying, Replenishing, and Clarifying lines.

Trend Watching at the Grammy's

Trend: 40’s Meets 80’s, Christina Aguilera (stunning!!) at the Grammy’s

Trend: Trapeze Silhouette, Ciara (hmmm, not so sure) at the Grammys

Trend: The new color, buff, Mary J. Blige (lovely) at the Grammy’s

Trend: Metallics, Carrie Underwood (nice but ordinary…and what’s with the pencil bag?), Hillary Duff (oops) , India Arie (pass the Grog) and Fergie (not bad for Fergie, honestly)

More Grammy Beauty and Fashion Highlights
The Dixie Chicks, Back in Black …and beautiful (love Natalie’s new hair color)

Lovely Ladies in Red: Jennifer Hudson, Natalie Cole and Shakira

And guys, too…OK Go

Okay, let’s go…

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If I told you that you had a beautiful product, would you hold it against me?

Spa Towells, individually packaged moisturizing disposable body towelettes, were recently introduced to much fanfare. Spa Towells are the brainchild of two Dallas beauties, Ellen and Lisa, who developed and patented the very-cool design. One a retired consultant and the other a stay-at-home mom, they created Spa Towells as a time-saver for today’s active women (and men).

If you’re not familiar with Spa Towells, they are individually wrapped 8″x8″ lightly scented moisturizing towelettes drenched in a rich blend of natural oils, antioxidant rich vitamins and moisture attracting humectants that leave skin on your body feeling smoother, softer and more supple.

Fabulous for visits to the spa and gym, Spa Towells are indespensible when you travel, especially since you can’t take along your big bottle of body moisturizer anymore! Plus you avoid messy moisturizer spills in your gym bag, or even worse, your suitcase.

Bargain alert: Spa Towells just announced a major savings…10 Spa Towells for $10, 20 Spa Towells for $20 and 30 Spa Towells for $30. That’s a buck each, ya’ll…now you have absolutely no excuse not to give ‘em a try if you haven’t already!

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