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You Can Stop "Normal" Aging | PARADE Magazine

You Can Stop “Normal” Aging | PARADE Magazine

According to Dr. Henry S. Lodge, we actually have a great deal of control on the aging process, and can essentially reverse it…or at least keep it at bay.

“Most aging is just the dry rot we program into our cells by sedentary living, junk food and stress. Yes, we do have to get old, and ultimately we do have to die. But our bodies are designed to age slowly and remarkably well. Most of what we see and fear is decay, and decay is only one choice. Growth is the other…

…This whole system evolved over billions of years out in nature, where all animals face two great cellular challenges: The first is to grow strong, fast and fit in the spring, when food abounds and there are calories to fuel hungry muscles, bones and brains. The second is to decay as fast as possible in the winter, when calories disappear and surviving starvation is the key to life. You would think that food is the controlling signal for this, but it’s not. Motion controls your system.”

Wow, is it really that simple? Just imagine: exercise, eating healthy foods and building and maintaining relationships…hmmm. Tennis anyone? C’mon, it’ll make us younger!

Dr. Henry S. Lodge is on the faculty of Columbia Medical School and is co-author of “Younger Next Year”

What's Great Out in the Blogosphere…

It must be the cold weather or maybe fewer hours of daylight–or lack of exercise due to below-freezing temperatures outside for a couple of weeks, but gosh darnit, I’m tired these days.

I mean I can barely pull it together enough to publish a post to my favorite spot in the world…yes, I mean here…GirlPaint.

But guess what? The whole blogging world is really fun these days–thank goodness or my lack of inspiration would simply mean nothing to post, right?!

Here are a few of my favorites of late:

  • GoFugYourself did my favorite piece on the Golden Globes. While you’re there, check out the entire Fug History on Fergie…it’s hysterical…and spot on!
  • One of my new favorite haunts, BlogFabulous, gives the goods on owning (and running) your own business. I’ve been there, Fab….for 10 wonderful and exhausting years, my hubby and I got the darn thing off the ground, profitable in less than two years and we were there every day running the show. I wouldn’t trade for it, but I’m not sure I’d do it again–in this lifetime, anyway.
  • You can’t miss this one: Stargazer HOT PINK EYE LINER AND MASCARA. Check it out over at Kiss And Makeup
  • TheMakeupGirl had the enviable task…how could I say task…I mean, privilege, of shopping with the beauty blogger most sought after and most recognized, the beauty addict herself. I’m so jealous I could spit…
  • Speaking of the beauty addict, her picks for the Golden Globes were perfect (and right in line with mine, so all the better) and you have to love HER style–I know I do.

I’m going to go veg on the couch now and watch Roger Federer spank some Russian dude. Or maybe I’ll watch Idol on Tivo and report back tomorrow. What am I saying?! This isn’t THAT kind of blog…I must be tired. Signing off…

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