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Paint Your Eyes with Color Contact Lenses

Dual Jade Green Contact LensesSkin care, anti-aging bargains, self improvement eyelids, moisturizing makeup and surgery: Whole industries have emerged to protect, maintain, enhance and even alter natural beauty. There is however an additional product that will create the desired effect. Today’s beauty tip is about color contacts and how they can make your eye sparkle.

The color contact is like any skin care product, meant to enhance natural beauty with the option of correcting eyesight. What many do not know, is the variety of ways in which it can be used. Contact lenses are for the vision impaired you say and color tints only fitting for Halloween.

There are however several types of color contact lenses:
* Enhancement tints
* Color tints
* Theatrical/Crazy/Special effect

All three types correct eye conditions such as myopia, farsightedness and light astigmatism, but can also be used on regular eyesight.

Enhancement color contact lenses

The color contact that enhances your natural eye color rather than replacing it, is perhaps the most unfamiliar of the three. Available is shades of common eye colors blue, green and brown, the enhancement tint will give the color of your eyes a distinct shade, increasing the volume of contrast for a more intense impression.

Color opaque contact lenses

For complete replacement of eye color, the opaque color contact lens is recommended. It gives you the freedom of switching the color of your eye while still keeping a natural look. This type of color contact is suitable for you with a natural dark eye color.

Crazy contact lenses

Popular in Hollywood, the theatrical contact lens is a frequent prop on movie sets. Indeed also suitable for Halloween and masquerades, thus type of color contact lens will transform your eyes completely, for a more fun and radical effect. While mentioned color contacts above only exist to decorate around the iris, the special effect lens is available in larger sizes, to alter the look of the whole eye, including the white of the eye.

Color contact safety tips

With or without vision impairment, using contact lenses require extra care. Faulty use may lead to any number of eye discomfort, including infections and dry eyes. If you choose to buy a pair of color contact lenses, the first rule of thumb is not to share them anyone. Also note for how long they are to be used (daily, weekly or monthly). Contact your local eye doctor for more information and instructions on proper usage.

Written by Jessica Elerby

Botox Follow-Up: WTF

Virginia BotoxSince my last post, I’ve all of a sudden become keenly aware of the new(est) Botox TV ads. The one that’s particularly bothersome, annoying and OMG-are-you-kidding-me features Virginia Madsen smiling dumbly, hanging out at the beach with her real life son, and blathering on about Botox.

I used to respect this actress…thought she had amazing talent…and was all about aging gracefully. I’m beginning to wonder.

The clincher Ms. Madsen closes with is, “Botox. It’s all about freedom of expression.”

And that’s where I go, “WTF?!” Did she honestly say that?

I can only imagine they’re paying her loads of dough because the entire goal of Botox (which is botulin toxin…the nasty germ that gives you killer food poisoning) is to freeze your face, preventing expression. Hello! I know lots of advertising distorts the truth (Extenze?), especially in the beauty industry. But come on. Botox takes the cake. Good luck “expressing yourself” with a face full of injected poison.

Is it just me, or is this really fucked up? Discuss.

Get Rid of Your "Stress Face"… Permanently?

Remember botox and restalyne? Well, apparently the newest trend in cosmetic surgery to get rid of the dreaded “elevens” aka furrowed brows, aka “stress face” isn’t an lifetime series of injections in your head. On the contrary, it’s simple and permanent…and was discovered accidentally (of course).

Don’t get me wrong. When I say simple, I don’t mean easy. In truth, it’s a little horrifying — or maybe a lot horrifying depending on your level of comfort with medical procedures.

A few years ago, it was discovered that the removal of a certain facial muscle called the corrugator (yes, I did say REMOVAL) was quite effective in helping ease the pain of migraine sufferers. Well, guess what? A side effect of this muscle removal was a nice, smooth forehead.

Corrugator Excision: Before and AfterSo (surprise!) the cosmetic surgery community has latched onto this new procedure and are selling it as the next fountain of youth.

A onetime procedure that costs about the same as two years of Botox (wow!) will remove the corrugator muscle that creates vertical wrinkles between the brows. It’s usually done in conjunction with upper-eyelid surgery (might as well, right?).

If you’re not down with spending $8000 and removing facial muscles at this juncture (or any juncture) in your life, GirlPaint recommends a far less painful and somewhat more affordable option: face cream. More particularly, Skyn Iceland Stress Defense Cream with Biospheric Complex.

Offering a botanical alternative to injection treatments, Skyn Iceland Stress Defense Cream uses gABA technology derived from tomato, ginseng, and portulaca extracts to help relax and smooth tension lines, brow furrows, fine lines, and wrinkles instantly.

Yep, good ol’ gABA. It’s quick, almost instant in fact. The worst that might happen is that you experience a little stinging (gABA is known to sting a little bit, especially when you first use it). One caveat: the effects don’t last, so you gotta apply  Skyn Iceland Stress Defense Cream with Biospheric Complex every day to get the de-creasing benefit (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

image courtesy Michael R. Schwartz, MD, FACS

Longing for Spring? How to get a sun-kissed look without the sun

With the latest blast of winter weather, many of us are yearning for a hint of Spring sun. If you’re one of us, check out this video which will show you — in about a minute and a half — exactly how to get that lovely sunkissed look, minus the sun (and the UV damage). Your friends, family and colleagues will swear you snuck away to the beach!

Applying Makeup Foundation for a Bronzed Look — powered by

Kelli LaBar is a NC make-up artist and esthetician. Check out her Bronzed Makeup video series here on expert village.

Look Good…Feel Better

Ever heard of Look Good…Feel Better? No, it’s not a vitamin cream, nor is it a nutrient-infused drink concoction. It is a a free, non-medical, brand-neutral, national public service program founded in 1989 and supported by corporate donors to help women offset appearance-related changes from cancer treatment.

FREE. HELP. For women (and men and teens) who have cancer, and are dealing with the effects of the disease…and the treatments…Look Good…Feel Better offers many services.

Group Programs
Each two-hour, hands-on workshop includes a 12-step skin care/make-up application lesson, demonstration of options for dealing with hair loss, and nail care techniques.

Trained cosmetologists provide personal advice in salons using patients’ own make-up, as well as a free make-over tips booklet.

Self-Help Kits
“Just for You” self-help kits in English or Spanish with 30-minute video and make-over tips booklet are offered free to patients who cannot locally access Look Good…Feel Better.

Look Good…Feel Better’s toll-free information and referral line — 1-800-395-LOOK — is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our trained specialists speak English and Spanish — and translators are available for many other languages.

And the major sponsors and donors list reads like a who’s who of cosmetics giants and well-known cancer research and support foundations and charities. Quite impressive to say the least.

If you or someone you know could benefit from Look Good…Feel Better, visit their site and find out how to Look Good…Feel Better now.

Before and After

I busted out Photoshop this weekend and gave this pretty young lady a makeover. By manipulating the layers and lighting, and by airbrushing a little makup on her face, I gave her a whole new look. Whattaya think? I think I like it.

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