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This Summer's "It" Body Lotion: Light, All-Natural, Environmentally Friendly

Summertime is the prime time for touch-ably soft, smooth skin. But in this heat who wants to slather herself with thick body butter or dense, sticky lotion? Not me.

The cure for uncomfortable heavy lotions, potions and creams comes from family-based Kazam Natural Body Care in the form of summer-perfect Tropical Tangerine Hand and Body Lotion. All-natural, this hydrating, moisturizing and nourishing hand and body lotion is delight to the senses
and a special treat for the skin, and best of all it’s light and cooling.

Formulated with “a joyful blend of tangerine and orange, patchouli and other essential oils,” you simply can’t find a better, all-natural lotion for summer. It’s a truly luxurious hand and body lotion, natural and organic for beautiful healthy skin — gentle to your skin and to the environment.

Widely popular in Africa,  Kazam Natural Body Care was founded by Ms. Marjorie Moutari. Kazam manufactures Natural Body Care and Organic Health and Beauty Products. Available online, in boutiques, beauty shops and from mail order, Kazam ships all over the United States. These organic health and body care products are also available at home parties and in other stores. Some of their customers and clients includes Celebrities, Fashion Models and Diplomats. Voila!

Ms. Moutari, founder of CEO of Kazam Natural Body Products received her training in natural personal care products, perfume and essential oil manufacturing in Europe, Africa and the United States, she also hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Pratt Institute in New York. She has over 10 years experience as a holistic nutrition and diet consultant, counseling patients on nutrition and health matters.

Get Creative…with Creative Nail Design

Creative Nail Design, started by dentist-by-day, chemist-by-night Dr. Stuart Nordstrom (nice name!) in 1970’s, is the home of renowned products like Solar Oil (remember Solar Oil? I do…and I still use it today!) and GelBond nail adhesive. Creative Nail Design was ‘reborn’ in 1997 and they are still going strong (pun definitely intended) today.

If you’ve never tried one of the amazing Creative Nail Design Enamels, you are in for a treat. Unlike many nail polishes, CND formulates their enamels with NO formaldehyde and NO DBP. So, they’re good for your nails. Plus, the addition of a UV absorber prevents the no less than 109 richly pigmented shades from discoloring or fading.

These lush enamels, $6 each, glide on like butter, with no lines, gloppiness…they’re practically goof-proof because the formula is sooooo smooth. And they dry quickly, to a hard, yet flexible, finish. I’ve been wearing a shade called Negligee which is a barely pink, sheer, slightly opalescent shade that is perfect for daytime.

Creative Nail Design also offers some fab cuticle repair products. A.H.A. Cuticle Eraser is a hydrating treatment that helps rough, dry cuticles ‘disappear’ and keeps hangnails away. Rejuvenator, with copper, peptides, panthenol and aloe, is an incredibly rich copper complex cuticle therapy cream for those of us with especially damaged skin around the cuticle. Me, the cuticle-nibler, has found that the combination of these repair treatments topped with a layer of Solar Oil has transformed my sad, ragged cuticles into those of a ‘lady of leisure.’ Well, not only are my nails Creative, but so are my fantasies, right?

Say Goodbye to Dry Skin Forever

I discovered another ‘shielding lotion‘ and I must say I’m really impressed. Gloves in a Bottle, designed for those with extra-dry skin who HATE lotion, is nothing short of amazing.

Recommended by literally hundreds of dermatologists and touted by numerous hospitals, universities and the City of Los Angeles (hello! L.A. knows good skin. Am I right?!), Gloves is a Bottle is light, scent-free and absorbed quickly with no trace of tackiness or greasiness.

“Until now, all one could do to alleviate a dry skin condition was apply conventional lotions (artificial moisture). These are designed to just temporarily mask dry skin by placing artificial moisture over the top of it.

Unlike artificial moisturizers, Gloves In A Bottle is a shielding lotion that bonds with the outermost layer of skin cells to turn it into what works like an invisible pair of gloves.

These “invisible gloves” prevent dry skin by helping to keep moisture-robbing irritants out while better retaining your skin’s own natural moisture, resulting in skin that is far better hydrated, over the long term, than what can ever be achieved by conventional lotions.”

I really cannot say enough about such a great product–the list of ingredients does not reveal a magic cure…it’s formulation, plain and simple. So instead of saying more, I’ll just say this, “it works…really, really well. ” I mean, my husband even likes it…and that, My Lovlies, is saying something! And at $12.95 for 8 oz., Gloves in a Bottle is a tremendous value. Okay, enough said.

A very special ‘thank you’ to Pete for the samples.

Winter Beauty Tips from around the Blogosphere

It’s the middle of Febrary and we’re in the midst of winter. Don’t let your guard down and give in to the cold, blustery days and long nights. Happiness is cruising the blogs and there is beauty to be found in winter, and here are some of the best tips from around the web to get you through to March 21st.

Your Handmade Natural Beauty Representative encourages you to enjoy winter with tips to keep your skin and hair beautiful.

The Daily Obsession reminds us not to forget our feet with a review of Olay Thermal Pedicure.

Apples2apple shows us how to capture spring in a beautiful bag.

The Beauty Brains explains what causes dark undereye circles and what you can do to battle them.

Faking Good Breeding looks forward to spring with a rundown on some beautiful shoes. Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! Yea, shoes!

Bon Bons in the Bath pays special attention to hands and reviews Carol’s Daughter Lemon Ginger Mint Manicure

Style It tells us a little bit about Too Faced Eye Shadow Liquifier and exclaims, “It’s Magic.”

Dorit Baxter New York Day Spa reminds us to “moisturize lavishly” to keep winter skin at bay.

Blogfabulous advises to get out and help others…now that’s beautiful!

I'm Addicted…Nail Down the Lid

I admit it. I’m totally addicted. It all started innocently enough…just the one time, ya know, and then I’d stop. But now I can’t. It’s been months since I first started my habit. Now I’m up to twice a month, just like clockwork. Do I stop cold-turkey, do I ask for help, or do I just keep going, spiraling into addiction?

What is it, you ask? Well, a few months ago I was so sick of looking at my ragged, flimsy fingernails that I…I…I started wearing fake nails (gasp). Now before you judge me or give me your “tsk, tsk, tsk,” I want a chance to explain myself. I really thought they’d look stupid or cheap (good reasons to try them, don’t you think?)–but I also thought they would help me grow my own nails out (another admission I must make: I’m a nail-biter…it’s terrible, I know, but I’ve been doin’ it since I was five) and then I’d ditch ‘em and life would be wonderful.

Well, the truth is that they made my hands look…nice. And I did stop biting my nails (my cuticles are another story I’m afraid…sigh). And I get the ones they sell at the drugstore–did I just say that? Yes, I did. And now? Now, I actually receive compliments on how good my nails look…from people who have good taste. I have never in my life been complimented on my nails…ever. And now people actually tell me how pretty my nails are? Okay, you tell me: do I stop wearing them and go back to my ragged, flimsy, nail-biting self? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Here come the justifications and excuses: In the process of my addiction, I’ve tried ‘em all–different brands and different styles. They’re all about the same price, $5-10 per kit…so it’s not like I’m going into debt feeding my addiction (yet). They all come in a kit with about 24 nails, glue, cuticle-pusher (either plastic or wood) and the cutest little nail file you’ve ever seen! And the ones I use are the “natural” ones, in short or active lengths only. They’re (almost) all available in a variety of flesh-toned “colors” (sort of like Crayons?), so they suit most any complexion. It’s funny, though, ‘cuz each brand looks just a little different, has a different application method with pros and cons, just like any other “cosmetic.”

I purchased my first set, Nailene Short Cut, which are very short, French manicure-style and really attractive. The tip of the nail extends just past my fingertip and they make my fingers look longer, more graceful. Drawbacks include the fact that because they are so short, the nails are a little difficult to get ahold of and apply–I ended up with a few bubbles under them and could never quite get them to adhere all the way (very close, folks, but no cigar). The glue included in the kit is the consistency of water (well, almost), and it tends to run all over the place; my bathroom counter now has permanent glue drips, plus it was tricky getting the glue off my skin once it dried. One other minus is that the little white French manicure stripe tends to wear off fairly quickly. In spite of these deficiencies, they’re still my favorite because they look the most natural and in my opinion are the prettiest.

Another brand I tried and liked is Broadway’s Real Life French Nail Kit. They don’t look quite as natural as Nailene Short Cut’s, and I have to file them down a little bit to get them really short; but they come with a great gel glue that stays where you put it and holds well. The nails have these little tabs on the tips that you can grip to make the application a breeze…very quick…and then the little tabs just bend right off and the nails look pretty darn good–and no bubbles.

Yet another brand I used for a time were the Broadway 2-Step Sporty Round Kit. Great, only two steps–my “fix” is getting quicker, I think! Alas, I did not like these at all. The shape was not quite right and the nails were thick and sort of a translucent-whitish color. They didn’t look natural, and I didn’t like the look of them, at least on me.

My least favorite part of this whole addiction is taking the little buggars off, which I do once my nail starts to grow out…for me about every two weeks. I cut as much of the fake nail off as I can, but then I have to soak the remainder off in an acetone bath. Yuck. This part is messy and smelly. But I hear they make a special product just for this purpose…some kind of nail and tip remover. So my addiction takes me deeper down the rabbit hole.

But as I said when I started this post, I’m addicted….happily. So nail down the lid on my habit and pass the glue, at least my hands are pretty!
What we won’t endure for a little beauty, right? ;)


Nothing makes you feel more pampered and sexy than smooth, delicious-smelling skin. Carol’s Daughter, famous for it’s Tui haircare collection (beauty addict’s top pick) and it’s Love Butter (Will Smith’s all-time favorite!), makes it easy, fun and natural to achieve baby-soft skin with their offerings. And when they say natural, they mean it. None of Carol’s Daughter products contains petroleum, mineral oil or artificial colors.

Founded in a kitchen in Brooklyn, Carol’s Daughter epitomizes the American dream–in just thirteen years, they have grown to become a staple on many celebrity’s bathroom shelves, and with good reason.

From head to toes, Carol’s Daughter delights your senses and pampers your soul. Plus, the ingredients they use are anti-aging, healing and all-natural!

From the top (pun intended), we’ll start with one of my favorites, Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey. This treatment-infused corn oil-based pomade conditions and softens your hair, keeps wintertime dry-flyaways at bay while it drenches each strand in luxurious goodness. With oils of lavender, rosemary, red clover, red roses and cocoa and shea butters, Mimosa Hair Honey is a serious moisture bomb for your hair, leaving tresses full of shine and body. $9.50 for 4 oz. Another treat for your hair is Carol’s Daughter Hair Balm. Lighter than the Hair Honey, just a touch of Hair Balm gives your hair a silky sheen and an added drink of moisture with oils of sweet almond, coconut and healthy wheat germ. And the subtle scent adds another layer of sensual loveliness. $11 for 4 oz.

GirlPaint’s body recommends include Carol’s Daughter Mango Melange Body Butter. A dense, intensely moisturizing formula includes cocoa butter, shea butter, jojoba oil and is fabulously scented with uplifting oils of tangerine, lime and relaxing patchouli. Mango Melange Body Butter keeps your skin hydrated and softly scented–good enough to eat! $18 for 8 oz. My other favorite body treatment is Carol’s Daughter NEW Sexy Belly. Sexy Belly is like love in a jar! With more intensely moisturizing goodies like oils of soybean, jojoba, corn, sweet almond and also containing rich shea and cocoa butters, Sexy Belly is not only healing and soothing for your belly (keeps those stretch marks at bay!), but also works wonders on elbows, knees and feet (ahhh…so good for feet!). Sexy Belly is the best post-shaving moisturizer, too. My legs have never felt (or looked) so good. The sheen it gives is a marvel to behold–makes your skin look taught and touchable. $15 for 8 oz.

Carol’s Daughter has just introduced their famous Shea Souffle’s in a 4oz. travel size. Now, if you have never tried anything from Carol’s Daughter and you want to start small, I highly recommend the Shea Souffles! They are the perfect hand and body moisturizer. The texure is light, yet dense and luxurious. Whipped for a creamy feel, they are without a doubt the finest in all-natural body moisturizers. With ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter and soy oil, it seems like they would be greasy. But NO! Carol’s Daughter Shea Souffle’ soaks right in and leaves your skin unbelievably soft and nourished with no residue. NEW scents include my favorite, Green Tea, a succulent blend of honeysuckle, apple and green tea, The Big Kahuna, Hawaiian white ginger blended with juicy lettuce, white musk and fresh herbs (I know a few great chef’s who keep a tub of The Big Kahuna next to the sink to keep their hands soft and heavenly-scented–good idea, huh?), and Sandlewood & Vanilla which incorporates East Indian sandlewood and soft, warm vanilla in a supersensual unisex fragrance that is second to none. $12 for 4 oz.

A Carol’s Daughter product that is not to be missed is the fragrance line. My absolute new favorite is Ecstasy. Carol’s Daughter Ecstasy Eau de Toilette Spray exhibits tropical notes of pineapple, mango and strawberry with softer notes of vanilla and Egyptian musk. These notes come together in a delicious, long-lasting scent that is fun to wear and attracts compliments from almost everyone you encounter–it’s amazing how men simply cannot resist Ecstacy! $25 for 2 oz.

Carol’s Daughter’s products make great gifts. Their packaging is lovely and simple, prices are affordable and the variety of products make it easy to find something absolutely perfect for anyone on your shopping list.

Special thanks and credit to Laura at Behrman PR for the samples

Give Yourself a Hand…Up

We spend all this time making our hair, eyes, cheeks and lips beautiful, and for some silly reason we tend to abuse and neglect one of the most touching parts of our beautiful selves–our hands. Well, help is on the way. The amazing team at get fresh spa brings us an incredible collection to help us all discover how lovely our hands can truly be…

get fresh’s CORRECT collection is specially designed for those of us over 30 (who me? Naaaahhhh…well, maybe) whose hands are starting to show the cumulative effects of age (oh, boy), sun exposure, washing dishes, changing diapers (well, some of us), a few decades of winters and summersand endless hours of keyboarding and paperwork.

CORRECT includes get fresh’s Hand Treatment, a lightening and resurfacing treatment that includes actives like AHAs, BHAs and Kojic Acid extract plus a fantastic SPF protective formula. The next step is get fresh’s Hand Serum, a nighttime, nutrient-rich formula for aging hands that heals damage with goodies like seaweed extract, jojoba and neem seed oil. Third is this powerhouse is get fresh’s Hand Moisture Mask, an intensively hydrating formula remedies dry, cracked hands with wheat germ extract.

Younger hands in three steps? Very handy!
Get Fresh Hand Treatment Correct 1Get Fresh Hand Serum Correct 2 (Original Price $39.00)Get Fresh Hand Moisture Mask Correct 3

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