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EverPure UV Protect Spray by L'Oréal Paris — It's Vegan!

LOreal Paris EverPure UV Protect SprayA quick note about a new L’Oreal haircare product: EverPure UV Protect Spray. As you know, color-treated hair requires special care, and this lightweight, non-sticky spray contains UV filters to help protect hair from the sun’s harmful rays and preserve long-lasting color purity.

A spritz or two on dry or damp hair, and your tresses are left healthy-looking and shiny. Infused with rosemary and mint for an invigorating, aromatic experience, UV Protect Spray provides you that extra bit of protection — heck, we slather our skin with SPF 30, but somehow we forget our hair. And when you’ve spent upwards of $175 on those precious highlights, you’d be crazy not to preserve them as long as possible, right?

FYI: All EverPure hair products are 100% vegan with no harsh, color-stripping ingredients. An exclusive Anti-Fade System features UVA & UVB Filters for long-lasting color purity.

Embrace Your Softer Side

Tousled hair - NEW Tousle Me Softly hairstyling products - Herbal EssencesHerbal Essences hair products aren’t normally on my radar. I generally prefer salon brands that aren’t so heavily perfumed. But recently I had the chance to try out their new Tousle Me Softly line, and ya know what? I like it. A lot.

Tousle Me Softly claims “soft tousles that beg to be touched – not that they need to beg. And hey, since we work well together to create one luscious look, it’s almost mistake-proof!” Well, okay. Minus the exclamation, I concur.

Featuring six ways to tousle, shampoo for a tousled look, conditioner for a tousled look, mousse for easy tousling, tousling spray gel, flexible hold hairspray, and finishing touch cream is all packaged in deep pretty purple bottles and jars.

The shampoo and conditioner smell of pomegranate and wild violets. They clean and condition without stripping or weighing hair down. The mousse is nice and light as is the hairspray, and no crunchies (yay!). My hair is super short — think Halle Barry — and I really like the finishing touch cream. It adds an element of sculptability without stiffness. Best of all, Tousle Me Softly does just what it says: it leaves hair touchable, soft and shiny. Bouncy even.

So for Hollywood’s hottest summer hair looks (think Halle Berry or Taylor Swift), give Tousle Me Softly a try. You’ll be glad you did.

Cut Your Own Hair? Only As Long As You Follow This Guide!

I’ve cut my own hair for years. To be clear, I earned my barber’s license way back when. So, I don’t necessarily recommend you follow suit. I mean, I have good, solid professional training and experience, and I even manage to screw up from time to time…and when you screw up a hair-cut, there’s no undoing that ‘do. You just have to wait for it to grow out. And most of us have to go out in public–at least every once in a while…without a scarf.

That said, we have to balance the pricey cost of hair-cuts with the need to get a quick trim every 3-4 weeks. So, I was glad to find the following video that offers an easy step-by-step guide to trimming your own hair. If you decide to try this, follow these steps to a “T;” otherwise, leave it to a pro.

NOTE: If you have short hair, you’ll need some bobbi pins to pull your hair back as described in the video.

Beauty Q&A with GirlPaint: Free Advice for A More Beautiful You

Q&ARecently I became a member of MakeupTalk forum. I LOVE posting on forums, and not because I want to promote myself or my blog (although that’s a nice benefit if other members like my posts), but because I really, honestly like giving advice, tips, tricks and product reviews. It’s the reason I started blogging in the first place. I was working in an industry that cut me off from the beauty world, and I desparately needed to connect to my makeup-loving sister (and brothers).

Following is a condensed Q&A excerpted from my MakeupTalk forum posts.

Q. I’m African American and have desert hair that desparately needs moisture. Recommendations?
A. Coconut oil, definitely. And use a deep conditioner (recommended: Mizani Fufyl) when you shampoo.

Q. Should I tip beauty school students?
A. You should tip 10%. If they do an especially good job, you can tip more than 10%, and be sure to find out where they’ll be working when they fiinish school. If you split the tip, tip 10% of the TOTAL, and split it between the students based on the work they did.

Q. I’ve heard Bio Oil is good for your skin, but I don’t like the feeling of oils on my face. Can you recommend on something to put under my mineral makeup that will not clogs pores or cause break outs?
A. Try Korres Pomegranate Moisturizer. It’s light formula is made for people with oily/acne-prone skin, plus it contains SPF (bonus!).

Q. How do I get rid of dark circles under my eyes?
A. Lessening (NOT getting rid of) dark circles can happen, but it takes time. Many good products are out there to address the issue, but you’ll need to use them consistently (that means at least once a day…twice is better) for 3-4 months. I’ve been using Skin Actives Scientifics Bright Eye cream for over two years. It contains the best active ingredients known to help fix the problem, plus it’s only $17.50 and the .5 oz. jar lasts forever (for me anyway). I believe in SAS Bright Eye 100%, but realize that dark circles are, in large part, hereditary and you may still have to use undereye concealers if you want to camouflage them.

Q. Does anyone believe the Clarisonic Brush is worth it?
A. I’ve used a Clarisonic Brush myself, and on top of my own “thumbs-up,” I’ve also heard rave reviews from just about everyone who’s used one. But $200 is a lot to shell out for a face cleaning appliance. QVC offers a payment plan ($40/payment) that might be the way to go. Either that or purchase one locally and that way, if you don’t like it, you can return it (be sure you check out your retailer’s return policy).

Q. (Non-beauty related) When sending out resumes, should i put my cover letter and my resume all in the body of the email? Or should I send the cover letter in the body and attach the resume?
A. Send ONE email with the cover letter at the top and then copy and paste your resume underneath the letter. NO ATTACHMENTS unless the company specifically asks for them. Always send your resume in the body of the e-mail message, not as an attachment. Put the resume right in the message so the recipient will see it as soon as he or she opens the message. This technique also helps you get through e-mail systems that reject all attachments in this day of rampant computer viruses.

Q. Optical Illusion Dresses – Yea or Nea?

A. Optical Illusion Dresses look perfect….if you have a PERFECT body. Consider yourself warned.

Q. Did anyone else absolutely hate Bare Minerals?
A. I’ve never been a fan of BE/BM — too orange-y for me, plus it’s cakey on me. I make my own mineral foundation. It’s soooooo easy and sooooo inexpensive. I literally mix a little titanium dioxide w/ red oxide mineral powder with a mortar and pestle. You’d think it would be too pink, but those two ingredients work perfectly for me, plus the titanium dioxide gives me added sun protection.

Q. (Follow-up question) Where do you buy the ingredients to make your own mineral makeup? Does it provide any better coverage when you make your own?
A. Do a Google search for “mineral makeup ingredients” and “mineral makeup recipe.” You’ll find tons of info. And the mmu coverage can be customized, so you can make yours with light, medium or full coverage…or one of each!

Beauty, Skin and Hair Care Freebies!

So Happy, I love FREEBIES!Got Spring fever? I’ve got (a) cure. Try something new. Better yet, try something new for FREE. Here’s a list of current freebie sign-ups, but click quickly because most are available for a limited time only.

Nirvana for Heat-Styled Hair

For those of you who are heat-styling mavens (blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons), you need to stop whatever you’re doing – and run to the nearest location carrying the ThermaFuse product line. I can tell you from experience (and I’ve got tons of experience with different lines of haircare products) that the ThermaFuse products are among the best for those of us who live by our heat stylers! The magic is the HeatSmart Complex – a “scientifically proven formula” that works with the heat of a blow dryer.

I recently tried the ThermaFuse Strength formula Shampoo and Conditioner. Its fortifying formula is terrific. The Shampoo is sulfate-free–worry not, Folks, ‘cuz you can still count on a rich, sumptuous lather here–and works to rebuild and fortify hair with lots of potent proteins. The Conditioner is also rich, bathing your hair in proteins, and leaves your hair strong, shiny and manageable.

Is your hair particularly overstressed? Good news! There’s also a treatment (I just love it!), the Intense Repair, a deep conditioning infusion of ‘hydrolyzed’ proteins that bring hair back to life. Along with all this, the Intense Repair has a scrumptious fragrance. It’s reminiscent of peppermint patties.

Oh, by the way, I can recommend all the Thermafuse products for ethnic hair, too (as a former stylist, I can speak from experience on that front, as well).

Cheers! And good hair to all.

Champagne Wishes, and Lemonade Dreamzzzzzzz

Spring is officially upon us (although if you live anywhere in the U.S., you might be wondering…), and it’s time to spruce up that wintery hair.

Sudzz FX comes to the rescue with Lemonade Dreamzz, a lucious, lemony souffle made for all hair types, lengths and conditions. Dreamzz is a great shaping and texturizing cream. Great for all types of hair including fine hair, you can use it for blow drying volume into the style, as a leave in fixative for both straight and curly hair. Plus, it holds shape of your brush when blow drying.

For you stylists out there, Lemonade Dreamzz makes a great cutting lotion when mixed with Zenyth Frizz Eliminator, giving hair shape and body in the cutting process. It leaves curl soft and sleek if using diffuser. It can be used for dressing long hair into up-do styles.

And it’s also great for finishing details. Lemonade Dreamzz adds shine, body, and volume. $15.95 for 2oz.

B Fabulous

Do you believe in magic? Do you like moldable, highly textured hair styles? Well, I found just the ‘stuff’ for you. B Tenacious Design Fix is the ‘stuff.’

Brand new from Benniefactor, B Tenacious is a creamy-spongey (to create texture, the product must have a weird texture) mint-colored opaque pomade that smells of cucumbers and daisies…well, that’s what is smells like to me, and yes, it smells really good.

Benniefactor’s B Tenacious is available in salons only, so visit their website to find out where you can B Fabulous and obtain some B Tenacious…and B Beautiful.

Tips to remember when using B Tenacious are #1) start with just a little bit or you could end up with a bit of a mess–B Tenacious can weigh your hair down especially if it’s fine in texture, #2) apply B Tenacious to dry hair so you can judge exactly how much you need and just where you want to put it, and #3) have fun!

image courtesy of Benniefactor. Special thanks to Nicole for the sample.

Refuse to Have Bad Hair, Revisited

Oscar Blandi Straightening Balm aka Raffinata aka Pura Straight. This medium-weight creamy balm from one of the maestros of hair is the perfect ‘dressing’ to help you create straight! Oscar Blandi, who is called upon by the likes of Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek and Jennifer Garner to design their spectacular red-carpet hair-dos, developed this straightening balm with protective and texturizing ingredients like guar beans (a bean to straighten hair? well, whatever…’cuz it works!), wheat proteins, aloe and algae and sea kelp. It’s like a protein shot for your hair.

Use just apply a dime-sized amount–a little more if your locks are long–starting with the ends of the hair and then work to the roots. Then style…straight, ofcourse…as usual. Frizz-free, smooth and sleek!

Bonuses: Raffinata has an amazing citrus-honey scent that’s to die for, and the special formulation actually minimizes drying time…neat! $19 for 4oz.

Winter Beauty Tips from around the Blogosphere

It’s the middle of Febrary and we’re in the midst of winter. Don’t let your guard down and give in to the cold, blustery days and long nights. Happiness is cruising the blogs and there is beauty to be found in winter, and here are some of the best tips from around the web to get you through to March 21st.

Your Handmade Natural Beauty Representative encourages you to enjoy winter with tips to keep your skin and hair beautiful.

The Daily Obsession reminds us not to forget our feet with a review of Olay Thermal Pedicure.

Apples2apple shows us how to capture spring in a beautiful bag.

The Beauty Brains explains what causes dark undereye circles and what you can do to battle them.

Faking Good Breeding looks forward to spring with a rundown on some beautiful shoes. Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! Yea, shoes!

Bon Bons in the Bath pays special attention to hands and reviews Carol’s Daughter Lemon Ginger Mint Manicure

Style It tells us a little bit about Too Faced Eye Shadow Liquifier and exclaims, “It’s Magic.”

Dorit Baxter New York Day Spa reminds us to “moisturize lavishly” to keep winter skin at bay.

Blogfabulous advises to get out and help others…now that’s beautiful!

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