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Keep Your *Beautiful* Tan Year-Round with a Drugstore Bargain

LOreal Sublime Bronze Luminous Bronzer Self-Tanning LotionSummer’s almost over. Time to face a fading fall tan and then a pale winter. Or is it? Wanna keep your beautiful glow all year? Chances are you’ve tried self-tanners before. Maybe you found one you like. Most of us — me included — have not. I’m one of those gals whose fair skin doesn’t take well to self-tanners. I end up looking like a(n even more) ridiculous version of Lindsey Lohan, all orange and streaky. Well all that’s over.

I know I’ve been on a big L’Oreal kick lately, and guess what? It ain’t over. L’Oreal recently introduced their Sublime Bronze line, and I’m in love. My pale-skinned self can’t get enough of one self-tanner in particular, Luminous Bronzer. It’s touted as a lotion, but I’d call it more of a lotion-gel…or gel-lotion…whatever. It’s pretty awesome.

With light-reflecting “micro-particles” LB instantly illuminates your skin so you can SEE where you put it on, and then it gradually develops into a NATURAL-looking glowy tan — with NO STREAKS. To keep your skin healthy, Luminous Bronzer contains alpha-hydroxy acids to keep your skin soft and smooth along with vitamin E to provide anti-oxidant benefits to your skin. Plus it has a nice, fresh scent that’s invigorating but not overwhelming. At about $10 for a generous 6.7 oz. it’s a bargain indeed.

One thing to note: Luminous Bronzer does NOT contain sunscreen. Since it DOES contain alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), it can increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun and the possibility of sunburn, so be sure to add a good layer of SPF 30 sunblock if you go outside after applying LB.

This Summer's "It" Body Lotion: Light, All-Natural, Environmentally Friendly

Summertime is the prime time for touch-ably soft, smooth skin. But in this heat who wants to slather herself with thick body butter or dense, sticky lotion? Not me.

The cure for uncomfortable heavy lotions, potions and creams comes from family-based Kazam Natural Body Care in the form of summer-perfect Tropical Tangerine Hand and Body Lotion. All-natural, this hydrating, moisturizing and nourishing hand and body lotion is delight to the senses
and a special treat for the skin, and best of all it’s light and cooling.

Formulated with “a joyful blend of tangerine and orange, patchouli and other essential oils,” you simply can’t find a better, all-natural lotion for summer. It’s a truly luxurious hand and body lotion, natural and organic for beautiful healthy skin — gentle to your skin and to the environment.

Widely popular in Africa,  Kazam Natural Body Care was founded by Ms. Marjorie Moutari. Kazam manufactures Natural Body Care and Organic Health and Beauty Products. Available online, in boutiques, beauty shops and from mail order, Kazam ships all over the United States. These organic health and body care products are also available at home parties and in other stores. Some of their customers and clients includes Celebrities, Fashion Models and Diplomats. Voila!

Ms. Moutari, founder of CEO of Kazam Natural Body Products received her training in natural personal care products, perfume and essential oil manufacturing in Europe, Africa and the United States, she also hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Pratt Institute in New York. She has over 10 years experience as a holistic nutrition and diet consultant, counseling patients on nutrition and health matters.

How're Your Showers? Ne Plus Ultra!

New from Caress, the Evenly Gorgeous line includes a luscious body wash and beauty bar (aka soap) surely inspired by a Tahitian goddess.  Formulated with burnt brown sugar (why burnt? take a whiff and you’ll figure it out…yummy goodness) and karite butter, these bathing agents exfoliate while cleansing, moisturizing and treating your skin to a tropical spa-like experience.

I know you’re thinking, “What the heck’s karite butter?” We in the West know it better as shea butter, and according to, “What makes shea butter so great for the skin is its high content of fatty acids — stearic and oleic acids. These fatty acids are indispensable for moisturizing and retaining the elasticity of the skin. By making up for lipid (fat) deficiency in the epidermal cells, shea butter provides the skin with all the essential elements it needs for its good balance.” Moisturizing, nourishing and skin toning qualities — plus it smells good? Okay. I’m in.

Speaking of smell, Evenly Gorgeous’ scent is nutty and sugary but not too sweet or overpowering. At once sensuous and delicious, you’ll step out of your shower smelling divine and with soft, supple skin. And because of the added moisturizers, Evenly Gorgeous cleansers serve double-duty as excellent shaving soaps.

A great value, Caress Evenly Gorgeous body wash is a generous 18 oz. for about $7 while the beauty bars are around $8 for six 4 1/4 oz. bars.

I'm Gonna Wash That Milk Right Into My Skin

LOccitane Shower CreamL’Occitane Shower Cream in my favorite eye-opening fragrance, Verbena is a delicate, low-foaming, lightly scented liquid wash that softens your skin and gently cleanses your hair. Containing shea milk with its smoothing and protecting properties, and regenerating wheat proteins, this creamy mix helps preserve the natural balance of both skin and hair without stripping or drying. Great for apres sun skin and hair care. $9 for 2.5 oz. Perfect for your summer travel kit.

Skin of a Goddess: A Simple Salt-Scrub Recipe

Goddess Salt ScrubHere’s a lucious recipe for a classic salt scrub that’s especially luxurious, feminine, but not childish. Bolivian Pink Salt looks gorgeous in the scrub, but you can use your favorite fine-to-medium grain salt.

Cherry Kernel and Mango Oil give this scrub a moisturizing-yet-light base; Sweet Almond Oil, which can obtained at your local health food store, will do just fine though if you don’t have these exotic oils on hand. Scented with Rose and Sandalwood, the recipe is exquisitely goddess-like. In fact, the finished product is fit for the gods!


1/2 cup Bolivian Pink (or your favorite) Salt, Fine-to-Medium grain
1 ounce Cherry Kernel Oil
1 ounce Mango Oil
30 drops Sandalwood Essential Oil *
15 drops Rose Otto Essential Oil *

*For a more wallet-friendly version of this scrub, 3/4 teaspoon of Sandalwood Fragrance Oil and 1/4 teaspoon of Red Rose Fragrance Oil can be substituted for the essential oils and Sweet Almond Oil for the Cherry Kernel and Mango Oils.

Recipe and image courtesy @ The Natural Beauty Workshop blog

Moisture Maximizers

Follow these 5 tips to ditch winter itchy skin

You could wear nothing but cashmere from head to toe. But there’s a less expensive way to address autumn’s dry-skin miseries: Maximize the moisture level in your skin. Here are five good ways to maximize your dry skin in cold weather.

Lather, rinse–and do not repeat. Hot water removes natural oils from your skin that help keep it hydrated. So those long, hot baths rob your skin of moisture, making it dry and itchy. The cure? Shower in lukewarm water for no more than 10 minutes.

Slather while damp. Moisturizers work by trapping water in your skin’s outer layers, so use creams and lotions immediately after exiting the shower. Give yourself a quick towel-dry so you’re not dripping wet and then coat yourself with moisturizer. Need industrial-strength help? Go for ointments or creams rather than lotions, which include more water than oil. (You might even dab on some baby oil or petroleum jelly.)

Spring for a humidifier. In the summertime, your skin can replenish itself by soaking up the moisture in the air. But when the mercury falls, so does the natural humidity. Add the drying effects of indoor heating, and you have trouble. Solution: When you jack up the thermostat, turn on a humidifier, as well.

Drink water. Hydrate your skin from the inside by downing at least eight 8-ounce glasses a day.

Switch soaps. If, despite your best efforts, you’re still plagued by the winter pricklies, switch to a milder soap (look for “moisturizing” on the label). Your choice should also be fragrance-free–it’ll be less irritating.

Was It Something You Ate?

Certain foods can cause flare-ups of contact dermatitis, the catchall term for skin irritation and itching, reports a recent University of Louisville study. Anything related to balsam, including tomatoes, colas, chocolate, and spices such as vanilla, can cause problems. And products containing citrus may also be troublemakers. Try eliminating these foods from your diet for a month. If your condition improves, you’ll know that you’re sensitive to balsam and that you need to avoid them. (Yes, that means chocolate and vanilla. Strawberry, anyone?) If you find that you’re missing your favorite goodies, add them back one at a time and see how your body reacts.

Photo Courtesy of World of Stock | Article By Megan Othersen Gorman

Johnny B. Takes Shaving to the Next Level

Although removing hair from your body (or your face, in the case of you guys…or girls who shave your faces. what? anyway.) is not a glamorous task–actually far from it. It’s tedious, boring, mundane…but it must be done. Agreed?

Well, I’m happy to say that I recently found a fabulous shaving cream (well, not actually a shaving cream–read on) that makes this tedious task, well, kinda fun.

Johnny B. Shampoo Paste (GirlPaint, did you say ‘shampoo’? Yes, yes I did.) IS it! This tub of cool, funky textured (i liken it digging into icy, fluffy, firm-ish cream) is heaven to shave with. And Johnny B. knows it. Heck, they even claim its double duty right there on the label.

The lather is not super-sudsy, but it conditioning properties and cooling sensation (thanks to a touch of menthol and cinnamon oils) make it the perfect shaving cream. Johnny B. Shampoo Paste takes shaving to the next level…leaving your skin smooth and silky with no knicks. And it smells great, too.

And because Johnny B. Shampoo Paste is, in fact, a shampoo (a conditioning shampoo!), it’s not only great for saving space in your shower and great for traveling (it’s not a liquid!), it’s also great for the environment!

Firm Up for Bikini Season…or Just for Fun

All right, Ladies. How many of you can honestly say you’re ready for beach weather? Do you have a beach bod? My guess is that you may need a little help. Luckily, I have that little bit of help, and I’m going to share my little secret helper.

Flirty Little Secret, a revolutionary new firming cream from Booty Parlour, contains a wheat protein which acts as the firming agent, a collagen booster to create the appearance of smooth skin and Bio-Bustyle, a targeted enhancer to firm and tone the bust.

Does it really work? Well, I’ve been putting it to the test for the past three weeks, and I can honestly (and quite happily) say that yes, it does! Listen, I’m thirty-something, work indoors–primarily behind a desk, could lose about 10 pounds. And Flirty Little Secret has me excited about wearing shorts…and even my bathing suit.The texture is nice and dense, but not greasy. It smells lightly of apricots…nice, but not overwhelming, so it won’t overpower your favorite fragrance. It also contains a touch of shimmer, so while you’re on your way to toned, tight sexiness, you have a little extra help in the way of light-reflecting particles.

Another secret about Flirty Little Secret? It contains a special ingredient to make you irresistible to the opposite sex…pheromones. While making your skin look tighter and more toned, Flirty Little Secret will make sure that all the boys will take notice of your curves. Unleash your inner man magnet and pick up your own Flirty Little Secret.

Oh yes, don’t forget Mom! Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and what Mom wouldn’t like to share our Flirty Little Secret? 6 oz. $32

Booty Parlor

If I told you that you had a beautiful product, would you hold it against me?

Spa Towells, individually packaged moisturizing disposable body towelettes, were recently introduced to much fanfare. Spa Towells are the brainchild of two Dallas beauties, Ellen and Lisa, who developed and patented the very-cool design. One a retired consultant and the other a stay-at-home mom, they created Spa Towells as a time-saver for today’s active women (and men).

If you’re not familiar with Spa Towells, they are individually wrapped 8″x8″ lightly scented moisturizing towelettes drenched in a rich blend of natural oils, antioxidant rich vitamins and moisture attracting humectants that leave skin on your body feeling smoother, softer and more supple.

Fabulous for visits to the spa and gym, Spa Towells are indespensible when you travel, especially since you can’t take along your big bottle of body moisturizer anymore! Plus you avoid messy moisturizer spills in your gym bag, or even worse, your suitcase.

Bargain alert: Spa Towells just announced a major savings…10 Spa Towells for $10, 20 Spa Towells for $20 and 30 Spa Towells for $30. That’s a buck each, ya’ll…now you have absolutely no excuse not to give ‘em a try if you haven’t already!

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