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Blushing beautifully: A recipe for cherubic cheeks

This morning I was getting ready for my day with a simple, clean daytime look and, even in with enormous collection of blushes and cheek tints, that I couldn’t find that “just right” color to set off my clean eye makeup including simple almost-black liquid liner, perfectly groomed brows and neutral lids. I’m sure you can relate…no?

Face Atelier Ultra BlushAfter digging for about five minutes, I finally found the right color — Face Atlier’s Ultra Blush in Pink Satin — but in a powder, which, for me, doesn’t last through the day. In fact, I’m lucky to make it to lunch without looking sad and sallow. To top it off, I’m one of those people who doesn’t like to refuses to touch-up.

My solution? Being a hope-to-die DIY’er, I would craft my own long-lasting cheek tint!

Which is precisely what I did…with perfect results at that.

My recipe? Simple.

Into the lid of a leftover mineral makeup sample (I have so many…seriously), I added about 1/8 teaspoon of plain glycerine, which I always have on hand (great for a quick ‘n easy moisturizing “sheen”). Then, using a sterilized metal nail file, I scraped a little of my lovely Face Atelier blush into the glyercine. Then I mixed, mixed, mixed. If I was to guess, I’d say I all in all, I added a little over a “dash” of blush powder. BTW, in cooking terms a dash is a little more than 1/16 teaspoon and less than 1/8.

Models present creations by Belgian designer Veronique LeroyWhat I ended up with was a rosy-pink tranlucent liquid gel. I was tempted to keep adding more blush scrapings, but I resisted and tested the mix.

Guess what? Perfection!

I had a lovely pink glow. My faced looked like I’d just taken a brisk walk through snowy Central Park.

And did my glow last? Only all day and then some.

So there you have it. A lovely, simple, quick and oil-free cheek tint recipe, practically guaranteed to last and last.

PS – Pink lips and cheeks are VERY hot this Spring and into Fall and Winter ’09, so get the look while it’s still pipin’.

If you can’t find FACE Atelier in your area, GirlPaint recommends LORAC Blush in Pink

Blusher image courtesy Face Atelier. Catwalk image depicting creations by Belgian designer Veronique Leroy as part of her Fall/Winter 2009/10 women’s ready-to-wear collection for French fashion house Leonard courtesy REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol

Longing for Spring? How to get a sun-kissed look without the sun

With the latest blast of winter weather, many of us are yearning for a hint of Spring sun. If you’re one of us, check out this video which will show you — in about a minute and a half — exactly how to get that lovely sunkissed look, minus the sun (and the UV damage). Your friends, family and colleagues will swear you snuck away to the beach!

Applying Makeup Foundation for a Bronzed Look — powered by

Kelli LaBar is a NC make-up artist and esthetician. Check out her Bronzed Makeup video series here on expert village.

Got the Economy Blues? Beat 'Em with These Beauty Values

Economy got you down? Have you — like most everyone else — had to pare back your beauty regimen to just the basics? I’m here to tell you that just because there’s less money in the coffers (or in your pocketbook) you don’t have to give up on having the latest cosmetic finds.

Here are a few AMAZING values for your beauty box that won’t break the bank.

Smashbox Try Me collection
Smashbox Try Me collection, $29

Smashbox gives us sooooooo many options when it comes to looking for a great bargain. One of their best is the Try Me collection featuring best-selling signature items, all in portable trial sizes to give you a flawless face at home or on-the-go. For $29 (!!!), Smashbox generously includes Photo Finish Primer, Photo Op Under Eye Brightener, Brow Tech & Cream Eye Liner Pallette, Double-Ended Eye Liner & Brow Brush, Lip Enhancing Gloss in Crystal (sheer), and a special instructional DVD.

Sephora Deluxe Palette
Sephora Deluxe Palette, $32

Sephora’s Deluxe Palette (only $32 but valued at $200) is a sleek, triple-tiered compact that opens to reveal eyeshadow, blush, lip gloss, and powder on stackable, sliding trays. A selection of applicators and a mirror embedded under the lid give you all the tools to create a polished, impeccable look anytime, anywhere. This savvy, multitasking set has it all: 18 eyeshadows, two cream eyeshadows, two blushes, two compact powders, 24 lip glosses, two double-sided sponge applicators, a double-sided blush/powder brush, two lip gloss brushes, all in a chic black case.

Bare Escentuals Go Bare Kit $32
Bare Escentuals Go Bare Kit, $32

Bare Escentuals helps us beat the bear with its Go Bare Kit, a six-piece set of mini BareMinerals must-haves. This set features a miniature versions of Eyecolor in Joy, Blush in Golden Gate, Mineral Veil, Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish in Eva, a Contour Shadow brush, and a Flawless Application brush, all housed in a portable box with a built-in mirror.

So there you have it. It really doesn’t cost a fortune to look beautiful, or have the latest and greatest beauty buys from some of the best around….

Stila Shine On Gift of Glaze: another great value collection!

Take 10 Years Off Your Age Right Now, Pt. 1

Properly applied make up can make you look fabulous. But unless it’s done the right way and using the right amount, make up can actually add years to your face.

As a 37 year old former makeup artist, I’ve learned a few simple tips to follow that will help you look younger starting today:


  • Moisturize your skin–face and neck–with a light moisturizer before you apply your makeup…and allow it to sink in, about 5-10 minutes
  • Apply makeup primer BEFORE any makeup. The least expensive and one of the most effective I’ve found (it rivals Smashbox): Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel. It contains the EXACT same ingredients as most of the best makeup primers. Plus, you can pick up a tube at most drugstores for $5
  • Apply your concealer BEFORE foundation. Using your finger or a concealer brush, pat a little concealer under your eyes, around your nose and on any blemishes or discoloration. Concealer before foundation prevents you applying too much foundation.
  • Apply less foundation. And switch to mineral foundation. The better brands and newest formulations (Jane Iredale, Everyday Minerals are some of my favorites) give excellent NATURAL coverage with a light application
  • Apply blush to the apple (round part that pops out when you smile) of your cheeks. For a youthful glow, use a cheek stain or cream blush in a pink, rosy or peach-y color
  • Blend your makeup well and use a light touch

Take 10 Years Off Your Age Right Now, Pt. 2

A few more simple tips to follow that will help you look younger starting today:


  • Groom your eyebrows. Pluck only stray hairs (those are the ones that fall outside your natural eyebrow)
  • Apply eyeliner to the top lash line only. And unless you have medium-or-dark toned skin, DO NOT use black eyeliner. Brown, grey, plum and green are better for fair-to-light toned skin
  • Apply two coats of mascara maximum. One coat for daytime wear is best
  • Curl your lashes. If you don’t like the traditional lash curlers, use an electric version. Sephora’s is terrific and a great deal at $16
  • Avoid shimmery eyeshadow
  • EXCEPTION to above tip: Use a shade-lighter-than-your-skin-tone colored shimmery eyeshadow applied with a light touch to your brow bone (the area just below the outter two-thirds of the eyebrow), AND apply a dab of shimmery ivory shadow to the inner corner of your eyes. These tips really open up the eye area–young!
  • Also, avoid ‘cool’ eyeshadow colors like grey, blue, true green. Opt for colors like pink, peach, gold, warm greens (olive, moss, sage), plum, ivory, brown, taupe

Take 10 Years Off Your Age Right Now, Pt. 3

And even more simple tips that will help you look younger starting today:


  • Use lipgloss or sheer lipstick–NOT lipstick. Use a shade just deeper than your natural lip color. Avoid ‘cool’ colors and dark colors. Instead, choose a sheer pink, peach, rose, mauve or berry
  • Apply lipbalm or clear gloss when not wearing colored gloss. This will keep your lips moist and young-looking all the time

More Anti-Aging Tips:

  • Take care of your skin by cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing it every day using good skin care–P.S. good does not necessarily mean expensive
  • Wear SPF 15 (or higher) sunscreen every day
  • Drink a gallon of water every day
  • Go for a walk at lunch, shoot for 3 times a week. It’s a great excuse to catch up on your window shopping; just don’t take your wallet–debt makes you look and feel old
  • Smile, or better yet, laugh–a lot
  • Eat plenty of protein, complex carbs, fruits and vegetables
  • Manage your stress levels. Take up knitting, painting, piano, yoga or meditation. Find something you like to do and ‘just do it’
  • Get plenty of sleep–sleep is a proven fountain of youth

Three for May: Cheeks by FACE atelier, beautyADDICTS and Benefit

Don’t be a cheeky monkey. Just be cheeky. Fabulously cheeky, of course.

Part of GirlPaint’s Three for May focus on FACE atelier, beautyADDICTS brings us to sunny, pretty, spring-summer cheeks.

FACE atelier proudly offers Ultra Blush. I have never been a big fan of powder blushes…they tend to look streaky or cakey on me, or they just wear off. Not so with Ultra Blush. Plain and simple, not shimmery or bright, Ultra Blush is available in five fairly neutral, wonderfully professional colors. Plus, it’s easy to blend and looks silky smooth for hours. Me being as fair as I am, I love Pink Satin (the same shade used for Madonna’s Confessions Tour) which is the perfect pink, not too light, not too deep. Also available are Peach Glaze, Rosewood, Tea and Mocha. And surprisingly, each color looks like it’s supposed to…like you’d expect it to. The colors are not cryptic, strange or off. All are lovely…and all were featured, by the way, at New York’s Fashion Week to much accord. $22

Equally lovely, but quite different, beautyADDICTS features a sunny cheek disc, aptly named HydraSUNRays. HydraSUNRays is available in one single, perfect color. This is one of those great colors that you simply build, depending on the amount of color you want. And build you can…with ease and confidence. No cakey build-up here. Just a sunny wash of glowy, warm color. beautyADDICTS’ HydraSUNRays does not shimmer, but it IS formulated with pure pearl powder which claims to “stimulate cell renewal.” Plus, it is packed with healthful anti-oxidants and green tea to soothe and calm. So, HydraSUNRays is not only healthy-looking, it actually is healthy. Good stuff, that! $32

Benefit cheeks? Oh, Benefit cheeks. I’m sure everyone is expecting me to wax poetic about Dallas or Hoola…or even Benetint. But no. Everyone knows what lovely cheeks you can achieve with these well-known products. I am talking about jiffy tan. What? Haven’t you heard of Benefit‘s jiffy tan? Well, allow me to go on then. jiffy tan is actually a ‘body’ product, but I found that it gives you the most beautiful, warm and fabulously natural-looking sun-kissed cheeks! jiffy tan is a tinted, lightly shimmery self-tanner–so be sure to wash your fingertips after you apply. I recommend applying jiffy tan before you put on your makeup–just let it dry for 10-15 minutes. You’ll get an immediate glow and touch of glimmer. And then a couple of hours later, you’ll look like you spent the day at the beach…minus the damaging UV. And if you want more glowy goodness, just apply another layer. P.S. the shimmer washes right off when you wash your face. $24

Look Younger!

According to the geniuses over at Elle, there really are a few (fairly simple) things you can do besides resorting to going under the scalpel, or having facial injections of Restalyn or Botox –eee-yikes!–to look younger.

#1: Curl your lashes.
Curling your lashes opens up your eyes. Follow with a coat of mascaral. Tarte Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler

#2: Use an illuminizer.
Give your eyes an instant lift by dabbing illuminizer on the center of the brow bone under the arch of the eyebrow. Vincent Longo Water Canvas Highlighter Aura Passion

#3: Brighten your smile.
Take years off by whitening your teeth. You can do it yourself at home by mixing baking soda and hydrogen peroxide into the consistency of toothpaste. Brush your teeth in circular motions and the paste will remove surface stains. GoSMILE Touch Up Refillable Compact Mint-licious On-The-Go Smile Refresher

#4: Dab on blush.
A moist, creamy blush will light up your face. Use a neutral pink on cheeks and lips for no-fuss natural beauty. Sue Devitt Starbrights Lip And Cheek Alhena

#5: Take care of your skin.
Good skin care is much more important than makeup. Beautiful skin is partly genetic, but there are also many steps you can take to achieve healthy, younger-looking skin. Among them is drinking lots of water, eating a healthy diet, not smoking, and not drinking alcohol excessively. Duh. N.V. Perricone M.D. Skin Clear Nutrional Support System

photo courtesy of

Pop to Front of the Beauty Line

Over the weekend, I popped open some new products and popped them onto my face and guess what? My face simply popped with healthy color!

Okay, enough with the popping, I know. So what did get?

Pop Beauty Cheeky in Sunset is a lovely, new ultra-micromilled cheek duo designed to give your cheeks a healthy pop (sorry, I just had to) of color. Sunset contains a peachy-pink color that rivals the great Francoise Nars ‘Orgasm’–now, it’s not exactly the same, mind you, but it sure is close. The other color is a true pink, again with a touch of golden shimmer, that gives you what I call “sweet cheeks,” which just means you look like your glowing…ahhhh, how sweet! Pop Beauty calls Sunset a combination of ‘powders’ and that these special powders contain hydrators to treat and condition the skin. Bonus! And hello, only $18? Extra bonus!

I also tried Pop Beauty’s new Pop-up Glow in Sunny, which is a sheer, shimmery yellow-gold. Pop-Up Glow has to be the most perfect highlighter I’ve tried yet (and believe you, me, I’ve tried many, many highlighters)–soft color and shimmer with a pore-minimizing formula that also reduces redness. The cream-to-powder formula is flexible, so you can rub the stick directly on your face and then blend with your fingertips for a stronger look, or you can rub the stick with your finger and then apply to your face–brow bones, high on the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, on the round of the chin and on the ‘bow’ of the upper lip–for a softer look. The texture and color of Sunny makes a really great eye shadow base, too. Oh, I almost forgot the scent…it smells just like a watermelon Jolly Rancher! YUMMMY…and only $19.

Naturally Beautiful for Spring…Youth pt. 3 of 3

To further contour and define the face, it’s time to add a touch of bronzer. Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘Bronzer makes me look orange…and I won’t wear it.’ Believe me, I used to say the same thing. Well, let me tell you a thing or two about today’s bronzers. Gone are the days of streaky, garish bronzer…bronzers of the new millennium are soft and natural…and perfect for our spring look.

The best new bronzer I’ve found is Jelly Pong Pong’s OmnibronzePackaged in a chic, hot, Cognac compact, the formula contains no shimmer, so your bronze looks & feels real. Its silky texture ensures a sublime application and gives a hedonistic, matte finish. *Comes in a faux leather pouchette. Brush included. Formulated in a universal shade to compliment all skin tones. Use to bronze & contour.

To apply your bronzer, tap the bristles of your blusher brush on the surface of Omnibronze, shake out the excess and then brush onto the ‘apples’ of your cheeks (the fleshy part of your cheek that pops up when you smile), temples, forehead, tip of your chin, edge of your jaw (just below your earlobe) and your nose. These are the spots on your face that naturally collect color when you go out into the sun (without sunscreen—we don’t do that anymore, do we?). Deepen the color where you need to by repeating the application process. The secret to perfect bronzer: remove any traces of color on your blusher brush by rubbing the bristles on a Kleenex or clean towel and then softly ‘buff’ your entire face with the brush to blend and soften.

Next, apply a light dusting of loose, translucent powder—but don’t ‘sweep your face. Instead, dip your face brush into the powder, shake or tap to remove the excess and then ‘dot’ your face with the powder (in other words, do not ‘sweep’ the powder onto your face). If you apply too much, use a makeup sponge to lift off the excess. Applying loose powder using this method will ensure you do not remove the makeup you just applied.

Using a fine mist spray bottle containing distilled water, your favorite alcohol-free toner, or a floral water, spritz lightly about 6-8” away from your face to moisten and ‘set’ your makeup. This step imparts moisture into the skin, plus it keeps the ‘cake-y’s’ at bay.

Finally, allow your face to dry, then apply a coat or two of your favorite mascara and lastly, coat your lips in a clear or nude-berry lipgloss. You’re done!

GirlPaint extends a very special thanks to Michael at CherryCulture

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