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Paint Your Eyes with Color Contact Lenses

Dual Jade Green Contact LensesSkin care, anti-aging bargains, self improvement eyelids, moisturizing makeup and surgery: Whole industries have emerged to protect, maintain, enhance and even alter natural beauty. There is however an additional product that will create the desired effect. Today’s beauty tip is about color contacts and how they can make your eye sparkle.

The color contact is like any skin care product, meant to enhance natural beauty with the option of correcting eyesight. What many do not know, is the variety of ways in which it can be used. Contact lenses are for the vision impaired you say and color tints only fitting for Halloween.

There are however several types of color contact lenses:
* Enhancement tints
* Color tints
* Theatrical/Crazy/Special effect

All three types correct eye conditions such as myopia, farsightedness and light astigmatism, but can also be used on regular eyesight.

Enhancement color contact lenses

The color contact that enhances your natural eye color rather than replacing it, is perhaps the most unfamiliar of the three. Available is shades of common eye colors blue, green and brown, the enhancement tint will give the color of your eyes a distinct shade, increasing the volume of contrast for a more intense impression.

Color opaque contact lenses

For complete replacement of eye color, the opaque color contact lens is recommended. It gives you the freedom of switching the color of your eye while still keeping a natural look. This type of color contact is suitable for you with a natural dark eye color.

Crazy contact lenses

Popular in Hollywood, the theatrical contact lens is a frequent prop on movie sets. Indeed also suitable for Halloween and masquerades, thus type of color contact lens will transform your eyes completely, for a more fun and radical effect. While mentioned color contacts above only exist to decorate around the iris, the special effect lens is available in larger sizes, to alter the look of the whole eye, including the white of the eye.

Color contact safety tips

With or without vision impairment, using contact lenses require extra care. Faulty use may lead to any number of eye discomfort, including infections and dry eyes. If you choose to buy a pair of color contact lenses, the first rule of thumb is not to share them anyone. Also note for how long they are to be used (daily, weekly or monthly). Contact your local eye doctor for more information and instructions on proper usage.

Written by Jessica Elerby

Look Good…Feel Better

Ever heard of Look Good…Feel Better? No, it’s not a vitamin cream, nor is it a nutrient-infused drink concoction. It is a a free, non-medical, brand-neutral, national public service program founded in 1989 and supported by corporate donors to help women offset appearance-related changes from cancer treatment.

FREE. HELP. For women (and men and teens) who have cancer, and are dealing with the effects of the disease…and the treatments…Look Good…Feel Better offers many services.

Group Programs
Each two-hour, hands-on workshop includes a 12-step skin care/make-up application lesson, demonstration of options for dealing with hair loss, and nail care techniques.

Trained cosmetologists provide personal advice in salons using patients’ own make-up, as well as a free make-over tips booklet.

Self-Help Kits
“Just for You” self-help kits in English or Spanish with 30-minute video and make-over tips booklet are offered free to patients who cannot locally access Look Good…Feel Better.

Look Good…Feel Better’s toll-free information and referral line — 1-800-395-LOOK — is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our trained specialists speak English and Spanish — and translators are available for many other languages.

And the major sponsors and donors list reads like a who’s who of cosmetics giants and well-known cancer research and support foundations and charities. Quite impressive to say the least.

If you or someone you know could benefit from Look Good…Feel Better, visit their site and find out how to Look Good…Feel Better now.

Three for May: Background on beautyADDICTS

For me, I must admit I find very little romance behind the bigger, more well-known cosmetics brands…as nice as they are, they don’t tickle my quest for ‘the story.’ As Oprah says, ‘everyone has a story’ and I absolutely relish hunting for products that are brought to us by little upstarts, entrepreneurs…dreamers. These are the ones that hold the most satisfaction for me to test, try and ultimately wear. I was a business owner myself for over 10 years, so it must be my desire to support the ‘little guy’ (or girl), to promote those that are trying their best to push their way into an ocean of well-backed, well-placed products, that really gets me going. Hence…beautyADDICTS.

Since I’ve been testing several of beautyADDICTS cosmetics, I’ve discovered quite a bit about the line itself. Adam, the Founder & CEO, has an engineering background with lots of high-tech qualifications. He combined his education and techie contacts with an innate love of color and design, and beautyADDICTS was born. Maria, beautyADDICTS’ President, was a cosmetics heavy-hitter for many years who left the industry to ‘save the world’ in the world of non-profits. However, her love of cosmetics brought her back to the beauty biz (we cannot stay gone for long, can we? it must be love…or addiction?). She eventually found her way to this great company.

beautyADDICTS theory, concept and design is based on four color families: Glow, Express, Motivate and Seduce. Glow is flirtatious with lots of lavenders and pinks smartly balanced with smokey greys and nutty browns. Express (my personal favorite, perfect for day-wear) is sleek and minimalist with its neutral palette of ivory, golds and natural peachy-pinks. Motivate is edgy and sophisticated with its high-contrast plums, mauves and greys. And Seduce is well…seductive with its dramatic and sexy ruby, burgundy and silver-based palette.

Each ‘family’ incorporates a quad of stunning, high-quality eye colors, silky-smooth cheek duo, beautiful lip quad and, and–an interesting and artistic addition–a Glimmer duo, essentially a highlighter set that can take any of the families, in an almost-effortless step or two, from day to-night.

Of course, the families of color can be mixed, but the simplicity and elegant design guide you effortlessly through the beautyADDICTS experience. What a concept! Beautiful, sophisticated…and easy.

Love Handbags? Wanna Be Famous for Designing One?

Marie Claire and Glam Media have joined forces to create a competition for aspiring handbag designers. Starting today aspiring designers can submit their handbag sketches on, where the fashion community will vote for their favorites.

The lucky winner will receive a trip to New York, a one-night stay at a posh New York hotel, and the MOST EXCITING part of all is that she (or he) will be a Marie Claire “accessories editor for a day.” Additionally, the final eight (8) bags will be auctioned off on with all the proceeds going to charity.

To enter, simply submit your handbag design. From there, Marie Claire and readers will vote online for their favorite handbags each week, and the top eight finalists will have the opportunity to create the handbag they’ve sketched. Our panel of judges will then pick the top handbag, and the winner will be flown to New York to be a guest accessories editor at Marie Claire for the day. After the competition, the final eight bags will be auctioned for charity on eBay. Enter Now and Be Discovered!

Beauty Blender Sponge + Cleanser Duo Pack

Beauty Blender Sponge + Cleanser Duo Pack

Sick of your dirty, makeup filled cosmetics sponge but still yearn for the blending and natural texture you get from it? You’re in luck! BeautyBlender, created by two talented makeup-artists-to-the-stars, Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz, will help YOU look like a movie star without paying for the pricey services of a high-end makeup artist.

This egg-shaped wonder sponge, used to ‘stipple’ (‘stippling’ is bouncing the sponge lightly on your face as you apply your makeup), blend and soften your cosmetics application, has so many pro’s they’re hard to count. Let’s just say that NO makeup sponge even comes close to BeautyBlender‘s ability to create a flawless, natural texture. You can use it wet or dry to apply, blend and soften makeup primer, foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter and powder–and you can probably find some additional applications by just playing with it! It’s pretty, it’s fun and guess what else? It’s CLEAN! Clean means better skin, ya’ll, anyway you look at it. But how is it so clean? Read on, Dear Painters…

BeautyBlender comes with it’s own little clear, acrylic pedestal right in the package, so it’s designed to be washed after each use and then perched atop its specially designed little spot to airdry. You can purchase BeautyBlender with the custom formulated cleanser called what else? BlenderCleanser!

BlenderCleanser is a gentle, lavender-infused cleanser packaged in an ingenious upside-down pump bottle made especially to gently and effectively clean the BeautyBlender.

One (or two) last great features that I just have to mention: environmental consciousness and Earth friendly. Yes, because BeautyBlender is sturdy and washable, it lasts forever and can be used just as long. And BlenderCleanser’s formula is low-suds, soy-based and free of dyes and irritants. What more can I say? Not much. Just this…you gotta get one! (via CherryCulture)

Notable Beauty Blenders: Gwen Stafani, Oprah, Jessica Simpson, Carmen Electra, Alicia Silverstone

The Art of Lip Balm

Australians Dianna Burmas (a supremely talented merchandiser) and Dion St. Mor (renowned interior designer) met in Melborne, hit it off and combined their efforts to create MOR. The name, serendipitously discovered on a New Delhi street sign on one of the many trips the duo took together, means “peacock” in Hindi. Their foray into beauty products began with a shared fondness for traditional apothecary, the art and science of making health-enhancing beauty products.

From there, a line of candles and soaps was born. In keeping with the exquisite beauty associated with the cavalier peacock, today MOR features over 250 sophisticated and artistic products custom created for their discriminating clientele.

MOR Lip Silk is like a lip balm ‘experience.’ It incorporates almost all your senses. Elegant luxury packaging in the tradition of Chinoiserie exhibits an antique design style inspired by the culture and art of China. Even the little ladylike paper ‘purse’ that encloses the chic acrylic lip compact is lined with a beautiful floral pattern and has the sweetest satin ribbon ‘handle.’ No detail is overlooked.

Altogether feminine, the fragrance is soft and refined. Essences of peony, muguet and violets are combined with subtle sandalwood and orchid—the scent is so beautiful, Lip Silk could almost be used as perfume…but then your lips would suffer.

The smooth and delicate texture turns almost liquid as soon as you wipe your fingertip across the glassy surface. Smearing Lip Silk on your lips reveals a pleasing and subtle shine that looks great over lipstick or on its own. The flavor of this lip treat is delicate, lightly sweet and floral…much like honeysuckle in spring. MOR Lip Silk leaves your lips velvety soft and silky smooth.

MOR products are featured online at Cherryculture. FYI: Beautiful and famous fans of the MOR line include Charlize Theron, Elle MacPherson, Oprah and Hillary Duff.

Britney on American Eyedoll!

Another shameless plug for my fabulous spouse’s talents! Rock the vote.

What is it?
A parody/satire of America’s favorite reality tv show, ‘American Idol’.

How does it work?
You create a short animated parody/satire of the ‘American Idol’ contestants using your own original song parody or using one of our 26 downloadable song parodies produced by AniBOOM for the contest. Other registered users then vote on your movie by assigning it from one to five bombs, five being the highest score.

What does the winner get?
The winner has their choice of two kick-ass prizes:
• An all expense paid trip to LA to meet with a Hollywood Agent
• A production deal with AniBOOM for your own webseries – you bring the talent, we provide the budget and distribution.

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